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Are you stuck someplace in your Haines line? Post the details here, maybe someone else can help.

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My great-grandfather was Stephen W. Haines, b.1823/24, somewhere in Canada I believe. He later lived in Perth County, Ontario. I have been unable to find his parents or any siblings. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Try upper state New York. Not uncommon for Canadians to have settled here. Also, check immigration records, passenger records through border crossings, ship lists, etc.

My 2nd great grandfather HENRY HAINES (later spelled HAYNES) was born sometime between 1817-1826, probably in New Jersey or possibly Philadelphia. His brother THOMAS HAINES was born 1 Feb 1826 in Philadelphia, according to military records. Though I've found no documented proof, I have reason to believe they were sons of JEDEDIAH HAINES & CHARLOTTE GENTRY, of Salem, NJ, based on research notes of John Wesley Haines, noted Haines family researcher. Jedediah Haines drowned in Salem Cove 14 Jan 1833, after falling overboard from the sloop "Mary Ann". JWH's notes also hint that Charlotte remarried after Jedediah's death. Henry appears in Erie County, Ohio records with his marriage there in 1848, and he remained a Sandusky, Ohio resident til his death in 1895. Thomas joined the U.S. Navy at age 14 and served there until near the end of the Civil War, after which he lived in Reading, PA until the death of his wife in 1876. Thomas then moved to Ohio with three of his sons and died at the National Military Home in Dayton in 1901.

I am interested in any help that would decisively connect Henry & Thomas to Jedediah & Charlotte Haines, or to any other birth parents.

Check the Haines Eagle and try a DNA test. The NJ Haines line probably descends from either William, Richard or James Haines of Salem, MA. Work backwards and maybe you will find a link.


I am looking for my great grandfather Robert Williams who was married to Margaret Williams - on my grandfathers marriage certificate in 22 nov 1916 - i`ve discovered that he was born in peterborough , and was a warehouse foreman , and that two of their children were born in Lowes Or Lowe in Manchester in 1907 - on the marriage certificate i have it states that he was deceased by this date .

My Dad and I both have submitted our DNA to Since I have my line back to James Haines/Hinds/Haynes of Salem, circa 1637 and since we have had a couple of hits, this might help others. I was able to tell a "cousin" that had hit a brick wall in NJ in the 1700's that she was probably a descendant of James Haines and to check out John Haynes' line that moved to NJ. So might be a cheaper option and faster answers for some of you.

My 5th gr grandfather was William Haines (Haynes) born around 1787 in NJ. He served in the war of 1812 and according to his war record he enlisted in Champaign Co. OH and was dis charged in Ross Co. OH. He married a Nancy Hatfield and all of their children were born in Logan Co. OH. I find the family in the 1850 census in Hardin Co. OH. I have been at a dead end on  William for several years, I cant find out who his parents or siblings are. There are tons of Haines' at that time in Logan, Ross and Hardin counties in OH but can not connect him to any of them. Unable to find out about Nancy Hatfield either. Any one have any suggestions?

My husband's 4th gr grandmother was Sarah Haines, born 8 Jan 1820 in Ohio, probably Logan County.  She was married in Logan Co., Ohio 2 Oct 1843 to Benjamin Palmer.  After his death, her second marriage was to John Day, 17 Feb 1853 in Hardin Co., Ohio.  She later moved to Illinois, and then to Carroll Co., Indiana.  Per later censuses her parents were born in New Jersey.  I am unable to find the names of her parents or any siblings.  I assume that she is part of the big Haines family from New Jersey, with a branch that migrated to the Logan County and Hardin County Ohio area.


I have Haines family also in Ohio. They came from Chester, PA. There is also a book about the Day family in PA that I found in the genealogy library here in Salt Lake. If you are interested, let me know and I'll get more details.

I descend from Bethanah Haines and his wife Mary via their daughter Zilphia/Zelphia/Zilpha Haines who married Anthony Moore in Frederick, VA. On another forum I posted some query about the kids of this family and a lady reponded who descends from Bethanah and his second wife, Mourning. They had 7 kids, but she has no public records on this family. Does anyone have any information on Bethanah's second family? Thanks.

Stuck on James Haines in Salem circa 1637. Married Mary (no primary sources that her last name is Knight). I believe that is based on Richard Ingersold's will mentioning a grandson of his daughter Sarah and William Haines. If you read his will then you definitely know he is talking about Sarah and William's son.

James and Mary Haines moved to Long Island with Rev. John Yonges and the minister is a witness on his will. His daughter marries into the Haines family.

Heidi Haines Handley,

Gedmatch number A012273, A460850, A555949 and A832713

Additionally, we are all on FTDNA and Ancestry. My Dad is a member of the FTDNA Y DNA and he is a U198.

Can someone start a link to add who has had dna done also kit numbers to various kits if added to gedmatch. My father and i have taken, ftdna and transferred to gedmatch my father's mother was a Haines i can't convenience her only living brother to take the Y-DNA to help prove our line. His gedmatch # is A343986
Thanks, Amanda



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