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This is what I have come up with.

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File attached.

This is what I have come up with. File Attached.


This looks interesting. May I have the reference citations for this article please? Thanks.

There is no record of Richard Haynes before August of 1665 when he is found in the Church records of St MIchael's church in Aynhoe. It is claimed according to an LDS source that Richard Haynes was the son of John Haynes and Elizabeth Stanford of Sussex England, but I knew of no connection between Richard of Aynhoe and John of Sussex, until now. John Haynes was born in Boxgrove, Sussex in 1614 and he and Elizabeth Stanford were married in Rudgwick, Sussex on 9 May1640. There appears to be no further record of them in Sussex. However, just 15 months after their marriage a John "Hains", son of John and Elizabeth Hains was baptized on 4 Aug 1641 at St Brides Church in London. This may indicate that shortly after their marriage John & Elizabeth relocated to London. I believe that John's mother was Margaret Cokayne, who's cousin William Cockayne was Lord Mayor of London in 1620. Richard would have been born sometime around the mid 1640's. However no birth record for Richard has been found. This could be explained by the Great Fire of London, which in 1666 completely destroyed the inner city of London, including St Brides Church...... Richard Haynes arrived in Aynhoe by August of 1665. A Quaker named John Haynes was already living nearby in Banbury, just a few miles from Aynhoe. There is a record of this John Haynes marrying Mary Smith at the Banbury Friends Meeting house in 1665. Now it is important to note that in 1665 a great plague hit the city of London. It was the last great epidemic of the Bubonic Plague to occur in England. It killed an estimated 100,000 people, about 15% of London's population, including 238 members of St Brides Church in a single week. By July of 1665 the plague was rampant and many people fled London for the safety of the country side. This is when Richard Haynes would have taken his pregnant wife Margaret and their son John and relocated to Aynhoe, only a few miles from Banbury. This fits exactly with when Richard Haynes first appears in the register at St Michael's Church in August of 1665 when his son in baptized there. At St Michael's Richard's name is spelled "Hains", This is the exact same spelling as on the London baptism record of John Hains dated Aug 4, 1641, son of John & Elizabeth. By the time Richard's daughter Mary is born in 1676 he has become a Quaker and is attending the Banbury Meeting, the same meeting house as John Haynes and his wife Mary. But now the spelling of Richard's name has changed to "Haynes", the same spelling on John Haynes & his wife Mary 's marriage record. This change in spelling from "Hains" to "Haynes" is important because it indicates that John "Hains" born in London and John "Haynes" of Banbury may have been the same person. And that the church recorder at Banbury took the spelling of Richard's last name from John's marriage record. In later documents both men's names are again spelled the same, "Haines" These facts strongly indicate that Richard & John were brothers and are evidence that Richard was the son of John Hains and Elizabeth. This demonstrates how the Haynes family could have migrated from Sussex to London to Aynhoe and finally to America. (All of the references I have found are connected to RICHAED HAYNES in my Ancestry Family Tree)

What a GREAT notice to find in my email this morning - a discussion on Richard Haines Sr!!!!!

I'm a descendant of Carlile and Sarah Matlack Haines' son, Solomon.  And I'm also a member of the Aynho Historical Group in Aynho, Northamptonshire, England.  They have noted that Richard Haines is mentioned in some of their historical documents.  Apparently most, if not all, of the Haines family who resided in Aynho came to America, as there are no Haines/Haynes individuals in Aynho at present.  If anyone is interested, I can provide the email address/website for the Aynho group.  I'm sure they'd love to have more members, as Aynho is just a tiny (but historical) village.

By the way, what is the lineage of Mary Thorton back to Edward the III ?  Who were her parents??

If you go to any page you can trace her lineage there Thru her grandmother Elizabeth Cushing she is descended from the Richers & then the Stapleton Families back to Sir Brian Stapleton & Cecily Bardolf. 

I meant go to my Ancestry,com page for a full geneology

Peter, would you provide the link to your page?  It seems the ones that come up when I do a search are not very well documented..

Thanks so much!

I am not sure how to provide a link to my page ??? But if you go to and search for me (Peter Stewart Haines) it should come up.  

Thank You for posting this.  Susi Pentico

Peter....Great work.  I am trying to find the connection between Richard Haines of Aynho (New Jersey Family) and a James Hinds/Haynes/Haines 1613-1652 of Salem, Mass. Were they brothers?   Any help?  Richard D. Haines, Minneapolis, MN.  





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