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this is a reasonably comprehensive web address for cemeteries in Australia with many volunteers who have spent time photographing and putting together the information.
if you are looking for a headstone in Australia this would most likely have the contact, but many photographs on the website as well.

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Yes it's a great website, I've found some family links.
Hey I belong to this group, have for years, but what do you mean many photo's on the site as well, I haven't seen any! WHAT have I missed (howlllllllllllllll). I have been collecting headstones for a decade or more, yes, yes, mostly family, but I have a few, well quite a few that aren't related and that I've been sent, or taken on a "just in case basis". For example someone sent me a picture of a graveyard in Canada where a lot of the Titanic victims have graves, and I kept it, they thought it was weird, I think it's interesting, and who know's I might find my 4th cousin 3x removed's mother in law was on there. So, what I say is take the picture, you never know if you'll be back there, and you'll curse yourself when you get home if you haven't anyway!
Jo if you go into a site and there is a link for data etc go into it. if three is a pic of a camera, just click on it and it should open up a photo. these are all done by volunteers so not all cemeteries are photographed. Try Smythesdale, Linton, Dowling forest all in vic, these are some I have taken.



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