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Hi, just joined the group and had a question about Martha Dixon Graves, wife of Thomas. A number of times I've seen the name Holder associated with her but no indication she was married twice. Does anyone know anything about that ?

I'm not a Graves - I'm doing the research for my wife. Martha & Thomas are her gr-gr-gr-grandparents.

Mel Slane

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Have you found any documentation for Martha being a Holder? I've been looking for a long while. I did find in someone's Holder file that their Martha Holder married Thomas Greaves, but they didn't offer anything to substantiate it. I'd sure love to get the answer to this burning question sometime before I die!! lol
Also, she may have married Lazarus Hinson after Thomas Greave died.

Here's the undocumented information I have -

. 3 John Holder, Jr b: Bet. 1750 - 1760 Culpeper Co., VA - Nov 1778 in Surry Co., NC- abt 1782 to White Co., TN d: 5/1863 White Co., TN - lived to 100

And his third wife,

..... +Martha Caldwell b: Bet. 1763 - 1768 m: 11/21/1792 Pittsylvania Co., VA d: Bet. 1864 - 1869 White Co., TN - lived to 101

had several children, among them Martha/Mary Holder, b. abt 1755.
married Lazarus Henson, b 1752 in Stafford co., VA, d. 1839 in Paulding Co., GA
2nd husband of Martha/Mary Holder:
Thomas Graves, b. abt 1750, m. abt 1770

Note that they have the order of the marriage incorrect.
So, it's possible that her name wasn't Dixon at all then ? Maybe I should change the name in my file to (Dixon) Holder instead of (Holder) Dixon. However, .....

I found a family tree on that had Martha Holder b.1755 in Stafford County, VA marrying Thomas Graves in 1770 (which looks like our Thomas), but they have her parents as being Davis & Susannah Hardin Holder. They also have her marrying "Lazerous" Henson in Stafford County, VA, no date. Maybe I had better not put her parents in just yet.

I found another family tree on that had Martha Dixon b.1763 (that date has to be wrong) in Chester Counter, PA marrying Thomas Graves in 1770 in Chester County, PA. In this one, Martha Dixon's parents are John & Rebecca Cox Dixon. That one agrees with the data I had except that she obviously was born earlier than 1763 in order to be married in 1770 (like 1749 for example).

Seems like the Dixon scenario might be more likely than the Holders, who were apparently from Virginia, if Thomas Graves did marry in 1770 in Chester County, PA as we thought.

Mel Slane
I would think that IF our Martha Graves did indeed marry Lazarus Hinson, they would have done it in Chatham co., NC, since Lazarus was the guardian of the minor Graves boys there. Would be nice if people would post their sources with their files, but I think a lot of people simply copy other peoples work without giving it much thought - hence you get 7 year olds getting married... :)

Two weeks ago, my cousins sent the most unbelievable present. My aunt, the family historian, passed away a couple of months ago, and when cleaning the house out, they had several old photo albums, including a bunch of pictures of the Graves' family from Stark county and their children and grandchildren, and cousins, and another whole album full of obituaries, letters, diaries, etc. These things belonged to Tom Graves (son of William and Rebecca Stretch Graves). Tom was the great grandson of Thomas and Martha (Dixon? Or what?) Graves. I have pictures of Tom's siblings, some I have seen before and others I hadn't. There was one sister that I had never seen a picture of before, and now I have one. I'm thrilled! Talk about a surprise! Anyway, I'm off track. Thanks for listening!! lol If I find anything that would be of interest to Colette's line, I will send it on.
I'll probably show her as Martha (Holder) Dixon for now using the tree I found yesterday (parents John & Rebecca Cox Dixon), with a note about her possible Holder surname & parents until something more comes up.

Old pictures are a great treasure, but can be very frustrating when you find absolutely nothing to indicate who the pictures are of (seemed to be all too common in the old days). Too bad people don't always write on the back who they are.


Mel Slane
Karen I would love to see the pics, William was the brother to my great great great great grandpa Samuel I believer
Hi Misty,
If my memory serves me correctly, you descend from both the Samuel Graves and Mary "Polly" branch of the Thomas Graves/Martha Dixon family. This particular William is a descendant of their brother, John Graves/Elizabeth Freeman.

The Stark County Graves are descendants of Jonathan Graves/Ann Hinson & John Graves/Elizabeth Freeman, and some from Samuel Graves/Barshaba Hinson, for the most part.

I am also a gr gr gr gr granddaughter of Thomas and Martha, There son Samuel is my gr gr gr gr grandfather. His daughter Martha married Thomas Graves supposedly the son of Polly Graves Sam's sister. The second set of Martha and Thomas's son Samuel was my gr gr gr grandfather. His son George Albert was my gr gr and son Clarence Sr Graves was my gr grandpa. My papal was Clarence Jr. Would like to know more about your wifes ancestry. I haven't heard anything about the name Holder but I have heard stories of Martha Dixon being married a couple of times and moving to Tenn to be with her oldest son Thomas while the rest of her children except one moving to Ohio where all of my family settled in Vinton and Ross counties. Sorry if I get an extra number or something on this please ignore my kitten is trying to lay on my keyboard!

I guess you were directing the comment "Would like to know more about your wife's ancestry." towards me. If not please ignore this reply. My wife's connection to the Graves family is a little complicated. She was raised by a cousin of her birth mother (her real parents had 17 children and were poor). Her "foster" parents were Jim & Kathryn Graves Dewitt of Princeville, Peoria County, IL. Her foster mother Katie Dewitt was the daughter of George Homer Graves & Ellen Ryan of Stark County, IL. My wife was actually related to the Ryan side of that marriage - her birth mother was the niece of Ellen Ryan Graves, or a 1st cousin to Kathryn Graves Dewitt. Confused yet ?

George Homer Graves (1874 in Ohio to 1937 in Peoria, IL) was the son of Samuel McVey Graves & Rebecca Ziegler. Samuel Graves (1799 in NC to 1870 in Vinton County, OH) was the son of Joseph G Graves and Jane Jennie McVey.

If that doesn't take you back far enough to connect it with what you have let me know and I'll send more.

Mel Slane
I know who you are talking about I know some Graves descendants from Toulon Ill . They are mostly related to Johnathan Graves who was a brother to Samuel Graves, Sons of Thomas and Martha Dixon Graves. There are so many Graves's it does get a little confusing. I would really like to find those who were brothers to my great great grandpa George Albert Graves they all lived in Vinton County Ohio most of the time. and my Great Grandpa had several brothers and sisters who I have never met, I know they are all gone now because my great aunt Dorothy was the last but I would love to meet their kids someday even though I live in Florida and they all live up in Ohio.
Just posted a new discussion with the siblings of George Albert Graves - is this the family you're talking about?
yes they are my great great grandparents



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