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Software exists to help us do better the job that needs to be done. More and more we are seeing genealogy software that supports the Genealogical Proof Standard. When adding to this discussion, please include the following:

1. name and version of the software
2. which step of the GPS it implements and how

The GPS steps are:

0. define a research objective
1. a reasonably exhaustive search;
2. complete and accurate source citations;
3. analysis and correlation of the collected information;
4. resolution of any conflicting evidence; and
5. a soundly reasoned, coherently written conclusion.

I added step 0 as it is implied.

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One of my favourite tools is GenoPro, found at It generates Genograms for a visual analysis of relationships. (Not unlike the marvelous chart you made on GPS itself.) It has been used extensively in the medical and psychological fields, and I love it for genealogy, too. I've also written an short presentation on the topic, if you'd care to read it: Genograms.

I place this as the third step -- analysis and correlation of collected information.
ShoeString Genealogy
I tweeted about GenoPro recently too - I really like it as a visual aid. I import my .geds into GenoPro too. I find the visual mapping helps me see relationships much better.
Dae mentioned GenoPro as a good resource. It looks good to me too — but it's a Windows machine, and I'm on a Mac. (I can run both systems, but that costs more than we wish to spend.) I don't object to having single-platform software (in fact my Genealogy Software is Reunion for the Mac — obviously single-platform). I DO object to having to spend a lot of time reading the specs before I came to the part about it being a Windows program.

Please, when mentioning software, save all of us time by mentioning whether it is a single platform or a double platform program.




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