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Is anyone researching the Paynter family in North Cerney?  Joseph and Mary were married in North Cerney 29 September 1818.  They raised their children in Ashton Keynes Parish in Wiltshire.  Joseph was a Cooper (barrel maker) who went to Owens Sound, Canada then obtained a contract to make barrels at Bruce Mines, Ontario, Canada, where he died.  His wife, children and granddaughter joined him at Bruce Mines. 

My ancestors:  Joseph and Mary's  granddaughter, Dianna Paynter married John Rosevear , a miner from Luxulyan, Cornwall, England, 6 November 1856 at Chippawa, Michigan.  They lived in Ontonagon, Michigan; Gold HIll, Story, Nevada, and Kelton, Box Elder, Utah.

Does anyone have relatives who tie into this family?

Joseph was christened at North Cerney Parish.  I have information on Paynter families in North Cerney and would be happy to share.



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Hi Carol

Joseph was my 4th Great Grandfather.

- Charles M. Paynter

- William Daniel Paynter

- Joseph Edward Paynter

- Lorne Edison Paynter

- Grantland Ross Paynter

- Richard Brian Paynter  (me)

- Keith Richard Paynter

- Nathan Daniel Paynter


I would love to see what family details you have for the family prior to 1839. So far I have found Charles Painter and Esther Reynolds marriage cert. in 1839 and the 1841 census records for Charles, Esther and 1st son Charles in Cheltenham and Joseph's family in Ashton Keynes.


I'm also curious about your branch of the family as I haven't found a Dianna Paynter, so far...


Looking forward to hearing from you.


Rick Paynter


Hi Rick,

It's fun to discover a family connection.  Our Paynter family has a fascinating history!  I have a friend in California who has shared information on your branch of the family.  I have a copy of the will of Charles Paynter is found in LDS FHL Film # 0251398, year 1906. "PAYNTER, Charles of 164 Ashley-road Bournemouth died 5 May 1906.  Probate London 7 September to Joseph Paynter, photographer and Ebenezer Barnard Gentleman.  Effects (pound) 381  19s. 8d."  I have posted pictures of Ashton Keynes Parish, along with a history of the Parish at  Go to the site and search under England, Parishes, Wiltshire, Ashton Keynes.  The parents of Charles, Joseph Paynter and Mary Cary were married at North Cerney Parish, Gloucestershire, England.  You can also see pictures of that parish at  Go to Gloucestershire, Parishes, North Cerney.

 I'm not surprised you have not found Dianna Paynter in your family records. Dianna was the illigetimate daughter of Elizabeth Paynter, the oldest daughter of Joseph and Mary Paynter. Elizabeth married William Pugh, but Dianna was not included in that family.   Dianna was raised by her grandparents Joseph and Mary Paynter. Dianna married John Rosevear; Daughter  Susan married William Joseph Grose; son Thomas Henry Grose married Emily Ovard; my Dad, Rowland Thomas Grose married Margery Stock. Carol Ann Grose (me). 

Thanks very much Carol.

This is great info. I'll take a look at these sites.

We have another cousin descended from Elizabeth and William Pugh, who will be interested in these details for Dianna.




Hi Rick,

Congratulations on joining Genealogy Wise.

It will be a pleasure to meet one of Elizabeth and William Pugh's descendants.  Hope he/she is also interested in family history.

I have additional information and pictures on Charles Paynter and his family.  My friend in California has more.  I sent her an email asking if she would like to share information with you.

I too have a copy of Charles Paynter' marriage license and other things.  Carol

Hi Rick,

Thanks for the friend invitation.  My friend, "Cat" Nielsen, your shirt-tail relative, teaches genealogy and computers in community colleges in California.  Cat gave me permission to share her e-mail address with you.  Cat said she would be happy to work with you.  <>

Paynter parishes - In 2007 Jim and I spent about 3 weeks in England, taking pictures of parishes where Paynter/Painter families lived.  I shared parish histories and pictures on Ashton Keynes,  Wiltshire, North Cerney, Gloucester, Elkstone, Gloucester - all family parishes.  Go to <> choose England, then look under the county for the parish.

Looking forward to getting better acquainted with you and with descendants of Elizabeth and William Pugh family.  My e-mail address is


Hi Carol Ann,

I too have been in contact with Cat Neilson many years a go..haven't heard from her in a long time. I  have sent you an email and an invite to my web site that has over 13,000 people..including my Paynter ancestry. i also have thousands of photos.

I am intersted in your side of the family and found many references that you have posted...and have included thme in my tree..along with you..we are 4th cousins.


many regards




I am not related but have a photograph taken by a Joseph Paynter in Carberry, Manitoba, Canada. He took a lot of photographs there. I believe he must be related to this Owen Sound family. He died in 1931 in Winnipeg. 

The photograph is here:

His obituary is here, (free link): 

Best wishes, 


M. Diane Rogers 

CanadaGenealogy, or Jane's Your Aunt blog



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