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Hello Everyone.

I need help in tracking down my Scherer family. I have been searching for almost two years and have very little so far. I am beginning to think I am looking in the wrong places.

My husband's great great grandmother was Clara Josephine SCHERER. I am pretty sure I found when she arrived in the United States on Castle Garden. I found a ship's record for a Anna (mother), Elizabeth, (daughter), Frederick (son), and Clara (daughter) aboard the Monmouth, July 1851. They left from Havre and arrived in New York. The dates fit with what I have for Clara.

I lose track of them until 1854 when Clara shows up in Hamilton County, Ohio getting married. She married Joseph Boehles (Bayless) in May 1854, but was only 17 at the time of the marriage and needed consent. The document with the name of who gave consent has since been destroyed. I have been able to follow Clara from her marriage until her death in 1907. What I have been unable to find is any information on her parents or her sister Elizabeth and brother Frederick.

There was no father with the family when they came to America. I do not know if he passed away in Germany or if he came to America before they did. I don't even know his name. In looking at the names that Clara gave her sons, it could be George, John, or Joseph. Her sons were: George Joseph, John Francis, and Joseph George. Then again, it could be Frederick.

I have been unable to locate any descendants of Clara's that have information about her or her family. I am hoping that if I can find descendants of Elizabeth SCHERER or Frederick SCHERER that they might be able to shed some light on the family, both here in the United States and in Germany. Can you give any suggestions as to where I should look to find information on Frederick or Elizabeth?

THANK YOU so much for your time and assistance.

Jennifer Bayless

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I looked on and didn't have any luck finding any records that put the family together. I did find a listing for a death of a Frederick Scherer in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH, 14 Dec 1909. No birth date was given. The actual record wasn't there, just an index listing which gave the following info for the record: vol. # 255, file # 61,094. The description of the data said that information about obtaining death records can be found at the Ohio Dept. of Health website. I also found an 1870 census record for a Fred Scherer in Cincinnati. He was a 29 year old carpenter (which would make him a tad younger than the age on the ship's list) born Bavaria. I didn't find any other Ohio records for a Friederick Scherer.
Don't know if this is your Freiderick or not. There are several Scherer families in Cincinnati in 1870, some from Bavaria, some from Baden.
I struck out completely with Anna and an unmarried Elizabeth, and no marriage record.
There is a city of Hamilton, OH, as well as the county. The city is in Butler County. I didn't find anything for Scherers in the city.

I want to thanky you for taking the time to help look for my Scherer family! You have given me a few things to check out and that was more than I had before. As to Hamilton County or city, all I know is that Clara was in Hamilton County, so I am taking a giant leap and assuming that her other family members were there with her. THANKS again for all of your help.

Mr. Boscarato,

I want to thank you for all of the links to various pieces of information in regards to my Scherer family that you sent. You have given me a lot to work with and I appreciate that very much. As I suspected, I wasn't looking in the right places. THANK YOU!

Jennifer Bayless



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