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Hope some one could help me find out where in Germany my Greatgrandfather came from. Gerhart Henry William Sactheleben, born April 13, 1877, Germany, ( from WW1 reg. card) arrived (USA) 1895. Found "Germans to America" vol. 67 passenger list of Germans who came to America. He was not listed there. Tried to get vol 68 (from october 1895) but was unable to find a copy to look up his name. Is there any one that could help me tear down this brick this brick wall, look up his name in volume 68? Any other hints on how I can find out more about my German roots?


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Thanks for the effort!

"Pa" means he filed his first papers, e.g. his Declaration of Intent to become a U.S. citizen.  Generally, after first papers were filed, the individual needed to wait 5 years before applying for full citizenship through naturalization.  Ancestry has some naturalization papers files, but I don't think they have any Declarations of Intent.  I found my Gr-Grandfather's D of I at the local county archives of the county where he lived.

On the ship's transcript I found my grandfather, August Pust, there was a section to the right hand side where the top half was listed as Spardeck or Spaerdack , center section was Citizens and the lower where his name appears  was same as top.  Was is the meaning of this?  Ship's name was Italia.



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