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I have a quick general question. I have taken the Methodology part 1 and I am signed up for part 2 to start in a week or so. I have been reading ahead and looking at the forms and stuff in part 2. There is a form in the printed materials that is called a Research Checklist. On this sheet are some places to look for information about an ancestor. They all sound like great ideas for places to look for information, but my question goes specifically to the aspect of requesting information to the Social/fraternal organizations, School Records, Life Insurance Records, Tax Records and Credit Records, things like that. Most of the stuff on the checklist were no brainers, but how would you even begin to find stuff like these ambiguous entities? For example, I think about my mother, who is a life member of the Eagles and if for some reason I needed to ask for any information from them, I can't think of who I would ask and even more to the point of what would I ask, what kind of information would you be asking for, other than if she was a member. I don't have anything specific I am working on, that is not where this question is coming from for any specific data, just a general type question to clear up the confusion in my mind for future reference. I hope I have made a tiny bit of sense, but with questions I might be able to clear up the confusion. Thank you.



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