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So, to get the ball rolling, I thought I would start by sharing my Twitter ID.
Personally, I'm @farhan, but for more geneology, heritage, and family oriented tweets you're better off following me at @MyHeritageUK

What's your Twitter ID? And what do you tweet about?

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@illyadaddezio  -- I'm the founder of and publisher of

Hi all. I'm genebrarian on Twitter and been on for a couple of years now. I use this handle all over now. I'm a family history librarian, so I thought that merging genealogy and librarian together would be fun (and a little clever).

I tweet about genealogy/family history and libraries. I also engage with Tweeps about purely conversational matters (whatever crops up). Often can be found "watching TV via Twitter", and discussing whatever is on the telly.

I also tweet as @Kintalk which is my research centre's account. I find this harder, as I feel I can't use my personality in this environment, so tend to just stick to factual happenings at the Centre.

I'm in Auckland, New Zealand and not to be confused with The Geneabrarian who has been blogging under this handle since last year.

Mine is @rootfinders_gen and that account is all genealogy (I have a different one for everyday life tweets)



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