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I'd love to have a separate category on My Page and also on My Groups for the groups I've started and contribute to -- so they are easy to find for me and those who visit my main page. Right now a visitor to any of our individual pages might think we are in charge of all the groups listed as My Groups. Or not realize that we manage some or many of them!

I agree with the earlier comments about having the groups we visit most appear at the top of our My Groups listing -- but also saw the work-around solution of leaving and rejoining groups we want at the top. I'll try that. Thanks to all who are contributing!


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Just a FYI: If you leave an rejoin a group you created you will not come back in as the administrator of that group. A GW admin would need to re-establish you as the group administrator if you did that.
Thanks for the good advice on this matter. I suspected that would happen, so had no intention of dropping out of my own groups. Your confirmation of that is valued. And that's why it would be cool to have a separate category for Groups that you have started and want to support.



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