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How about doing a video on creating custom events in Reunion, with a particlaur focus on configuring the event for best narrative results. Narrative reporting is one area I think Reunion could be better at. Personally I find that events are often a better alternative to the use of facts.

Just a thought. Hopefully others might offer suggestions for videos they would like to see.

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I'd like to see a video on creative uses of Notes in Reunion.
Hi, Keith.

Thank you for the suggestion. I have tha topic on my todo list. I'll add a note about the focus you requested.

Thanks for creating the topic too. I'm happy to get requests.

Thanks Joan. I have the note feature on my list of topics. I think we may get some ideas for creative uses if we start a forum topic dedicated to that question. I'll go do that. The I can add any good ideas to my screencast topics list.






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