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I was thinking about this one thing I do when searching census records it doesnt work all the time but once and while you will get lucky with it.
Ive used it on heritage quest and even too.
We all know from searching census sometimes you cant find the person your looking for because there first or last name is mispelled.
If you know the name of the county and state they were living in at the time of the census this is what you do. type in the in the first name John it will give you all the John's for that county. or type in the last name and it should do the same thing.

I was working on name one time and come to find it somebody has listed the family under the wife's maiden name and not the husband. so the whole family was listed like that even the husband named.

hope this helps somebody out with there research work.

patsy :)

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Something else you can do is if you know where they should be--put in the county where you think they are, approximate year of birth and place of birth. No names. You will get everyone in the age bracket and with that place of birth.



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