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Hi guys,

Rootschat is brilliant for photo restorations as well and finding surname interests etc...and it's free!

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Marilyn, they are honestly such a good bunch of people and are brilliant at photo restoration. A while back I made an album for my dad and they transformed some old dull and damaged photos into portraits. You should have seen my dads face when he received the album for his 82nd birthday!
Thank you for the suggestion. I have been doing my daughter-in-law's family and when I ask for pictures of her father, I don't get to first base. Finally, I told them I was going to do a book for them but I desperately needed pictures. Especially of her father since he died while she was in her Junior year in college. Finally, I was sent one that had been clipped out of a newspaper and it is so dead looking (that really wasn't on purpose, it just slipped out). Do you think they could do anything with it that would be good enough for genealogy purposes? Barb

They restore ANY is their hobby. As long as your polite and say thank you (as in life in general) they will be more than happy to help you out.

Make sure you scan it 300dpi or higher so they can make a better restoration. One think I will say is, you can't post photos over 500MB. So when you scan it in high resolution make sure it's not too big. If your having trouble with making a good quality scan but can't keep the MB down, give me a shout and I'll help you.

Have you checked the site out yet? Boy, you should see some of the restorations they've done!




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