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Less than 5% - closer to 3% - of the genealogical-historical sources that are now availble have yet to appear on the internet. If atall, it will be many years before a greater percentage will be there. There are zillions of free sites and records to be found; far more than are available on the "pay-for-genealogy" websites. Even if you can afford those and realize how very limited the sites are searching there will provide only the most available of materials.

Think of your life; the greatest number or records you left have been at the court house where you lived, and most are still there. So too with your ancestors.;

For newcomers or "dead-enders"; first learn from your relatives "where" an ancestor lived and when. Ask the same folks for as much information as their time permits and make careful notes. Next, one at a time, Google the names of the city, county and State, add "free" to those search words, and then add what records you need. Try this; Google ""CLAY COUNTY KY" EARLY CEMETERIES FREE"; you will find hundreds of sources, many of which will provide "new" information for you. Google also "MARION COUNTY OHIO CIVIL WAR VETERANS RECORDS FREE" and more than 13000 sources will pop up. Try "GEORGIA STATE ARCHIVES" FREE CHURCH RECORDS". Be sure to use the quote marks to save your time.

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