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Ok, the aim of this discussion is to try to get a list going for all the different bits of genealogy software out there.. Be it software for mapping out your family trees, software you use to keep track of your notes, journalling software, or even just a mind mapping tool, if you use it in your genealogy toolkit, and you think it might be useful for others, then lets share with each other, and learn from each other what works, and what doesn't ;)


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Thank you so much, Margot. I'll surely look into it. I'll let you know how it all turns out.

Please do!
I love it. It's like I've come home, except to a fresher, bigger house. I did some research on other programs, but downloaded the free version of Roots Magic. It didn't take long to feel right at home. Right away, I paid for and upgraded to the bigger version.

Thanks again, Margot.
I use several programs -- Legacy, PAF 4.0 and Family History System (FHS), an ancient DOS program, for my lineage linked genealogy, and askSam and Inmagic for notes.
I use Family History System (an old DOS program) for my primary data entry, and after every 100-200 new entries add the new ones to Legacy, but I have to do it via PAF 4.0, as if I import them directly to Legacy it scrambles the RINs. So I export from FHS to GEDCOM, import the GEDCOM into PAF 4.0, check the import, and then import the PAF file into Legacy.

I also use PAF 4.0 for my rough note research files into some families with rare names, or in particular areas, where I add all people of the surname(s) that interest me, and then look for connections.

I use askSam for general notes -- notes of phone calls, and a research log, and also transcriptions of things like tombstones and some notes from archives. I find it very useful for this purpose.

I use a couple of other programs too, but those are the main ones.





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