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Thanks to Dave for setting up this group. I thought I'd start a Discussion thread for members of this group to introduce themselves and share their St. Louis Surnames.

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Hi, my name is Dave and about 5/8 of my family came over from Germany in the middle 1800s, went straight to St. Louis, and stayed there. My family names are: Piening(Pining/Pienieng), Huber, Geisler, Kimmling, Wolfroth, Ratz, Felhauer, Pohl, Meier, Hickelheim, Strattman, Widmann(started in Mascoutah), and Lavignon (OK that one's French).
I'm also interested in any info anyone has about the north side neighborhood informally named "Butchertown" in the later part of the nineteenth century.

My name is Michelle and my connection to St Louis is through my 3x Great Grandfather, Louis Snowden. According to his death certificate, Louis was born in St Louis USA in 1823, and had been in the Victorian (Australia) colonies 23 yrs at the time of his death in 1879, giving an emigration date of about 1856. Louis is my 'brick wall' so any help to find further info on him and his family would be most welcome.

Hi, I'm Mary Farrelly and live in Whangarei, New Zealand.  I recently discovered that great great grandparents, Henry and Marjorie (Margery) Goodfellow, emigrated to St Louis from Co Cavan, Ireland around 1862, along with most of their family.  I think the only person who didn't emigrate to the US was my great grandmother, already married to my g.g. grandfather - they emigrated here to New Zealand in 1874.

Surnames in St Louis: Goodfellow and Huggins.  

I have some knowledge of St Louis as I studied at SLU in 1979-80.  Little did I know then that some of my ancestors had walked some of those same streets!

I look forward to being part of this group and hope to learn lots.



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