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Thanks to Dave for setting up this group. I thought I'd start a Discussion thread for members of this group to introduce themselves and share their St. Louis Surnames.

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My name is John Newmark, and I have lived in St. Louis all of my 40 years, except for a handful during my college years. I maintain a family history blog called TransylvanianDutch .

My ancestors arrived in St. Louis between the 1880s and 1920s. Surnames: Newmark, Blatt, Cruvant, Kruvant, Feinstein, and Deutsch
My name is Katie and I have lived in St. Louis my entire life. I am working on my family history that has taken many turns and twists. My GGrandparents came to St. Louis in 1900 from Germany, but John Zay Sr was born in Transylvania. My mothers father came to the States in 1914 from Toomevara, Co Tipperary, Ireland. It is a challenge finding records and family from their native Country. The Irish records are getting easier to find but the Austrian, German or Romania records are very hard to find.

I do think this is going to be a fun place to share information and make new friends!
I'm Katie Heidenfelder, and have lived in St. Louis all my life -- and while I don't want to say how many that is, I do know where I was when JFK was shot.

I am primarily researching the names Mueth, Heidenfelder, Bockius, Buehler, Danneman, Zieger, Freymyer and Meurer. All of my ancestors are from Germany and arrived in St. Louis at various times throughout the 1800s.
HI members,
I am interested in finding information on the following families who lived in St. Louis: Chris Hoell ( fire fighter), Wilhelmine Dietermann Hoell ( his wife) and their family ( Emilie, Oscar, Alex, Oswald, Ottilie and Lydia), the Fehls, leopold and Mary (Matt) Holzhausen, Patrick and Mary Murphy, Michael Murphy and family, Peter O'Reilly who married Bridget Murphy and moved to Tacoma WA, Jim O'Malley and many others. The Hoells and Fehls lived in the Soulard area and the O"Malley, Haydens, Holzhausens and Murphys lived in north St. Louis. The irish were Catholics and the Fehl/Hoells were Evangelical Lutherans.
I'm Cathy Dickerson Champion and also am a native St. Louisian.

My surnames are Dickerson, Penner, Leggitt, Lewis, Symons. I'm also reseaching my husband's family: Champion, Organ, Pollock, Hamilton. My maternal grandparents are my brick wall as both were orphans.

I also have an interest in Paul Vinyard, M.D. (not Vineyard) who had a practice in St. Louis. I've traced him through the census and city directories but lost him from 1930 until his death in 1969.
I have HAMILTON in my family. Step GF B. Frank Hamilton born Booneville 1870. His parents -John J and Martha
b. Penn. & Tennessee, 7 children born in Missouri ( 1880 census )
I now live in the Seattle area, but roots are in Chicago, most of my mother’s father’s side is from southern Illinois, Greene and Jersey counties and to some degree St. Louis MO where my great-grandmother spent much of her life. The hardest nut I cracked was tracing her death records, due to a trail of marriages and name changes that never made it into my grandparent’s occasion book. This led me to research a string of her ex’s and their families. And so the Howell, Wauge, and Cover families around St. Louis became of interest to me.
I’m also chasing an elusive “Jones” ancestry, supposedly half-breed Indian, from the Indian trading folks floating along the Mississippi between modern Keokuk Iowa and St. Louis/St. Charles before 1850. Somehow it seems they managed to stay away from census takers before 1860, supposedly living on islands between Illinois and Missouri. Which may account for their being missed!
Hi, my name is Joel Russell and I grew up in southern Illinois and lived in St. Louis in the mid-1990s. My St. Louis connections are primarily Germans who settled there in the 1850s and 1860s.

Specifically I'm researching the following families: Welp, Kleiboeker, Zuehlke, Behnken, Wilke
Other families of interest include: Gerstkemper, Schnake, Sachtlaben, and Schierbecker.
I was born in St. Louis, but have been living in California the last 30 years. Still, I love St. Louis. I've been researching several of my families and have discovered the answers to several family mysteries thanks to the Internet. Family names include Jennings, Bequette, Gahn, Schmidt, Secoy, Houston, Guthrie, and Byrd. Secondary names where much of the mystery lies include Polston, Hentschel, Kruger, and Mueller (Moeller). My family was in the St. Louis area as well as Ste. Genevieve and Fulton. I have a lot of family photos and would be happy to share information and resources. -- Priscilla
My name is Chuck Flottmann, grew up in St Louis been living in TX last 21 years. I'm very 'green' at this, just trying to track records for my surname. Found records years ago back to 1820 in St Louis, but nothing earlier so not sure just when the ancestors settled in STL.
My name is Patti Davidson-Peters and although I have lived in Arizona all my life, my family was in St. Louis early on starting with Joshua Pilcher, the fur trader and Indian agent.
Having the desire to write a novel based on the lives of my 2nd great grandparents Thomas A. Moore & Clarissa (Pilcher), I visited St. Louis and found a family trunk full of letters, photos and clippings ... and have spent the past 25 years piecing it all together ... then putting it on the internet to share.
My focus, as noted in another comment, is mostly on the residents of Early St. Louis, but also the relations to the Moore and Pilcher families.
Both my husband and I were born in St. Louis but both his parents were born elsewhere, as was my father. His paternal grandfather was Robert Marion McCormick, who was in St. Louis by 1930 — I haven't found him earlier; he may have been born in Velpen, Pike Co., Indiana, and probably married in Hughes Springs, Texas. His paternal grandmother was Nannie Prewitt from Hughes Springs. His mother's family were from Kentucky. His maternal grandfather was Charles Ellis Aton of Union and Webster Counties in Kentucky. His maternal grandmother was Lydia Wallace, probably also of Kentucky.
My father came to St. Louis from North Manchester, Wabash County, Indiana. My paternal grandfather was Jacob P. Strickler and my paternal grandmother was Emma Catherine Shafer. We do have a lot of Indiana information. My mother was born in Missouri, as was her father. Her mother was born either in Missouri or in Illinois. My maternal grandparents are James Henry Dorrance and Anna Pate. James Henry was a stationary engineer who worked with the ice=making machinery exhibits at the 1904 fair.



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