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Do you know, how to obtain Divorce records and Marriage records for Saint Louis, without having to pay for them? I have been able to get a lot of information from the census records, but cannot seem to find divorce and marriage information.

thank you for any help you can provide. Jean

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Hi Jean,
Marriage License records are available on microfilm at the St. Louis County library. I was just there this evening and pulling some myself. A couple things that would be helpful would do you know if it's in the City or the County and what years? Both sets of records are available there and the County Index I believe covered 1892 - 1980. Don't quote me on that first year but I'm certain on the 1980 because that was one of the ones I pulled. The City records go into the 1800's maybe 1880's - I didn't have anything back that far and all the way up to 1965.
Hoping to head back there in a week or so, let me know if there's anything more I can do to help. Amy
HI Amy, thank you for your information. I thought, I would be able to get those there, but wasn't sure. I have been doing genealogy only a short while, but am catching on. I went to the one on Lindburgh, several weeks ago, and spent about 7 hours there, and did find only 1 person, but it was a crucial person, and found her in the Church records, so that was positive. The marriage I am looking for, was approximately 1895, my husbands grandmother married a man named McKinney in Saint Louis, who was a peddler, but we don't know his name. I have hers tho, so that should be helpful. Then too, her mother and Dad just seem to have been here, then gone, so I am on the lookout for them as well. I really appreciate your answering. I will probably go back to the library soon as well, and get back in the microfilm. Jean





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