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While at the recent Jamboree I met many new listeners, and some I recognized as being there with the podcast from the very start. How long have you been listening to the show? Are you caught up on all the back episodes?

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I have listened to all of your PodCasts. Learn Lots each week.

Please up the great work.

And thank your assistant for filling in.

Hi Russ,
Lacey is great. She's heading off to University soon to finish her degree but I'm sending her with a microphone for her laptop!!
Hi Tina,

Isn't it interesting how England and the US seem so close and yet have very different "personalities" we follow. Everyone here is fascinated by the BBC "Who Do You Think You Are?" show and yet we have no clue who a single one of the celebs are - except Jerry Springer! lol...But it's fun to expand our worlds.

And yes I was amazed to find that my husband's Cooke great grandfather immigrated back to England. It was the last place I would have thought to look. I guess we all have to keep thinking "outside the box."

Keep bringing that British point of view to the conversation - we love it!
About a year, when I got my iPod. Have downloaded all, and worked my way through. Was great to meet you at Jamboree and I learned a lot at the blogger's panel!
I have been listening to your podcasts for about a year maybe a little more. Am all caught up finally. Thanks for the great podcast.
I have listened to the podcast since the beginning
I have been listening to the podcast and getting the newsletter since the very first podcast. It's great to see how you have expanded your podcasts and are sharing all your expertise with us. Keep up the good work, Lisa.
I have recently started in the last few months. Hope to catch up on past podcasts and looking forward to new ones.



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