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The Michigan State Library has been deemed expendable by the powers that be and although we can't deny that Michigan is suffering through this recession, do we really want to go down this bumpy road? The troubled economy is not exclusive to Michigan and if an important repository such as our state library is considered not worth saving then will other states use their scissors to cut what they feel to be unnecessary?

What of the immigrants who came to Michigan - those folks who built schools, churches, businesses, farms and communities? The Poles, Finns, Germans, Italians not to mention the stop along the underground railroad and countless others who thought enough of this great place to call it home and who have their stories preserved within the walls of the State Library? Should we negate their importance; should we take away our tribute to them? Any repository that preserves the documents of our ancestors do so for the history of our people and by doing so, they honor those who formed who we are today. The trend to cut costs must take into consideration our contributions to history. We wouldn't consider razing the Lincoln Memorial in order to make way for a parking lot - or would we? What do you think?

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