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The attached list will help you in your research if your ancestor was involved in the fur trade and/or was a metis (mixed-European & Indian).


Good luck/bon chance, Jim.

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Hello Jim and group - thought I'd add my go to sites for researching fur traders.  They are the Manitoba (St. Boniface) data base, very cool, very flexible to search, sorry its in French.  Go to "choissisez" under name and you can get all the variations.  For fun go to location and you can see all the voyageurs whose destination was, say, Mackinac.  You might need a French dictionary to determine job titles, etc.  Be sure to go to Acceuil and you can explore the whole site.


The second is from the Hudson's Bay Archives.  They have some wonderful "bios" on a lot of voyageurs.  They also have the Northwest Company archives combined within the HB archives.  Lots of fun and nice presentation.


Happy Hunting!

Terry Weller

When I was at the F-C descendants gathering in Monroe Sunday, the Park gift shop had a ton of books which of course I wanted. Lots on the War of 1812.  Did pick up two - THE DARING TRADER: JACOB SMITH IN THE MICHIGAN TERRITORY, 1802-1825, by Kim Crawford. The other one was ONTARIO AND THE DETROIT FRONTIER, 1701-1814, by Hugh Cowan.





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