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I am looking for anyone that is an ancestor to Monteque Flambeau,He was supposed to have came from France to the United States and settled in New Hampshire.He married Exilean Chanourd or Chennault and they had a daughter Eve-Ann, which was my late mother-in-law,I am looking to complete the family history,when Monteque died Exilean was supposed to have married a man by the name of Duval.Im also looking for any of his ancestors and to find out what his first name was, according to my mother-in-law he had a son.

Marlene Koschalk

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I can't find any records at all in New Hampshire - not even in the censuses. Do you know the names of any towns where they lived? How about a birth date for your mother-in-law? Have you sent for Eve-Ann's birth certificate?



Shari Strahan

I do know that Monteque Flambeau was supposed to have lived in Greenville N.H. I have tried to find a birthcertificate for Eve-Ann, she told me that she was born in Bordoux France.and that her parents came here when she was a baby,yet on her aplication for social security ,which I was able to get,it says she was born in Greenville, N.H. none of what she told me makes any sense.. she listed her fathers name as Edras Flambeau and her mother as Exilena Chounard but she was supposed to have been a Chennault. I have a picture that she gave me years ago taken I suppose in France and the names on the back of the picture says,Exlene Chennault  grandmother,Exilene Flambeau mother,there is the grandmother,the mother and Eve-Ann as a baby and there is another young woman and a man and 2 children,no names were given for these is a complete mystery

Eve-Ann's birthdate was June 24,1906 or 1907

Marlene Koschalk

Your mother-in-law was unintentionally or, for some reason, deliberately misleading. This isn't all that unusual. You may discover a scandal or some other "issue" in researching this line that she was trying to hide. At first I thought she might be illegitimate, but that does not seem to be the case.

I'll answer some mysteries here, but start many more. You have your work cut out for you. :)


There is no doubt in my mind now that this is your mother-in-law with her maternal grandparents in 1920 at New Ipswich, Hillsborough, NH:

Louis Chouinard, owns his home mortgage-free, age 62, married, arrived in 1880 and naturalized in 1888; literate; born in Canada (French) as were his parents, works as a weaver in a cotton mill.

Exelina, wife, age 57, arrived in 1878, naturalized 1888 (that would be by marriage), literate, born in Canada (French) as were her parents

Ivor Thiffient, granddaughter, age 12, attends school, born in NH, father born in Canada (French), mother born in New Hampshire.


Which brought the following to light in the 1910 Census living on Mill Street in Greenville, Hillsborough Co., NH:

Asdras Thifault, age 37, married once for 7years, born in Canada (French) as were his parents, arrived in the US in 1899, English given as his native language; occupation: baker, works for a wage, literate, rents his house.

Exild, wife, age 24, married once for 7 years; has had 3 children and all are living, born in New Hampshire, parents both born in French Canada, literate

With them are 3 daughters all born in NH: "Yonne" (probably Yvonne), age 6; Dora, age 4; and Eva, age 3.


In 1900 Esdras Thifault was living in Nashua, Hillsborough Co., NH as a boarder, working as a baker and unable to read, write or speak English. Born in July of 1874, he was born in French Canada. He arrived in the US 1 year before (1899).


(There is a Zotique Thifault who lived in Greenville and Nashua. Born about 1863 in French Canada, he may have been a brother of Esdras.)


This would all indicate that the marriage of Louis Chouinard and Exelina may have occurred in New Hampshire. (Exelina, at least, would likely have come to the US with her family.)

There would be an application for naturalization for Louis, and probably for Esdras Thifault, at Hillsborough County.

There will be a birth record for "Eve-Ann" and her sisters in Greenville or one of the surrounding towns.


I will spend a little more time searching for records available online, and given Esdras's unusual name, I may be able to find his baptismal record in Quebec.



Shari Strahan


I found the marriage of Esdras Thiffault and Exelina Chouinard 10 July 1903 at Greenville, New Hampshire:

Be sure to go one page to the Right and copy that! This gives the parents' information:

Grooms father - Firmin Thiffault, age 60, residing in Canada, mother - Emelde Trepanier, age 51, residing in Canada.

Brides father - Louis Chouinard, age 43, residing in New Ipswich, NH; mother - Exilina Brigham, age 40, residing in New Ipswich, NH; both born in Canada.


Esdras Joseph Thiffault was baptized at St-Stanislas, comte Champlain, Quebec on 14 July 1872, the son of Firmin Thiffault, farmer, and Medile Trepanier, of that parish. Esdras was born the same day. His godparents were Esdras Trepanier, uncle and Marie Thiffault, aunt.


If you have or Ancestry world you can view and/or copy the baptismal record at:

Otherwise, you could find it at in the St-Stanislas parish records on that date. These records are free, but not indexed.



Shari Strahan


A little more confusion to add to the stew:


Marriage of "Eva Alice Thiffault" -

Joseph Gaspard Duval and Eva Alice Thiffault, both residing at Greenville, New Hampshire, were married on 17 June 1924 at Greenville. It was a first marriage for both.

The groom was age 21, and the bride 17. His parents were David Duval of Greenville, age 64, and the deceased Josephine Duval. Her parents were the deceased Esdras Thiffault and Exelina Chouinard, also deceased..

They are not living together in the 1930 US Census, when "Gaspar" is married, but without his wife, and living with his father David in Hillsborough Co., NH.


Eve-Ann's sister:

Marriage of Marie I. Thiffault to Leo J. Bourdeau on 8 Feb. 1926 at Laconia, NH. The bride is age 21, and is likely the "Yonne" from the census. The bride's father, Esdias, died at age 42, her mother, Exelina Chouinard, died at age 31. Father born in Canada, mother born in New Ipswich, NH.

Later the wife of Leo Bourdeau is called "Yvonne" at the marriage of their son in the 1940s.


Shari Strahan

Marlene:  I have a lot of information on the families and ancestry of Esdras Thiffault and Exilia/Exilina Chouinard.  If you contact me with an e-mail address, I will gladly forward what I have.  Cheers, D.O.

Marlene:  I found some New Hampshire records at FamilySearch that indicate that Exilina Chouinard's second husband was Henry H Lapierre.  Exilina's sister Lena Chouinard married Henry Duval. Perhaps your mother-in-law confused the two Henries.    Henry H Lapierre had a son Frank Ralph Lapierre by his first wife Marie-Anne Turgeon.  Henry Lapierre and Exilina Chouinard had a daughter Viola Margaret Lapierre, born ca 1917.  Viola married Samuel Desilvio on 1940-05-30 at Greenville, NH.  Exilina Lapierre, née Chouinard, died on 1918-10-13 at Greenville, NH.  So far, I have had no luck finding the marriage of Exilina and Henry. I did find Henry H Lapierre's first marriage and the birth-record of his son.  Both events took place in Gardner, Massachusetts.   Henry H Lapierre's parents were Azarie Lapierre, and Lucie Gaudreau.  His first wife, Marie-Anne Turgeon, was the daughter of Honoré Turgeon and Marie Perron.  Cheers, D.O.

How did you get this information, Peter Michael Berry?





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