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I am a collector of death certificates for the cemeteries that I record and photograph. Mostly in the Gold Fields around Ararat Victoria. Many of the older certificates have multiple entries.

Anyone else in the group with this strange hobby ?

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I have collected newspapers from my home town in Ava, Illinois Jackson Co. which included weddings, anniversaries, family get togethers, births etc. and put them into book form and sold them. they were from 1860-1944. It helped a number of people to find their relatives and also it gave the genealogical society in that area the exact people who were buried in cemeteries in the area that were in rough shape so you couldn't read the tombstones or find the cemeteries due to destruction of the land. If you go to Randolph Gen. Society Chester, Ill. web site, you will see my collection under The Brenda Lee Collection. It helped a lot of people and gave the society enough money selling the books to keep going. Now it has started a trend in the surrounding counties and towns to do that with all the papers. That is what I like to do. I collect obituaries from that area just to find my family. It is loads of fun.
I try to get a death certificate for all of my family. ALong with births, marriages, divorces etc. SO YES, I also have the strange hobby. It seems like it makes their life story more complete to have the documentation to go along with any stories we may have heard.





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