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Hi, My name is Bernie Foster-McCall and I have been researching the Foster's for over 20 years. I hope I can help anyone here. Our Fosters are not the same as the clan that has Stephen Foster the composer.

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Hello Bernie,
We have connected in the past through I am still working on finding information about Hiram and Sarah Foster family. Hiram's death is especially elusive. Several other researchers have his death as occurring in 1883, but census records indicate Sarah was a widow long before this. Also, my great-aunt Irene told me the family story was that Hiram (her great-grandfather) ran off with the chore woman. This makes for interesting story telling, but I would really like to find out what happened to him. Some believe he returned to Ilinois or Kentucky after leaving his family. Do you know anything more about Hiram. Also which Foster did you descend from. I am a descendant of Hiram and Sarah's youngest child Leander.
Hi Vicky:
Yes, we have talked through the years and I am also still working on finding Hiram. Several researchers on Ancestry put down 1883, this was a typo, it is the same as his son James M. and everryone jumped on it without proof. I have tried to change some of them. I was there when your great uncle Dick Myers and Jack Fowler came thru No. Platte, NE in the 70's and that is what got me hooked. Jack is still alive and lives in Colorado. I descend through Jasper Allen Foster.
Here is a timeline I work on:
1. 1850 census, Hiram and family in Warren County IL
2. 1855 census, HIram in Shelby County IL (doesn't show family so this may or may not be him)
3. 1859 ( this is when Sarah said he abandoned his family) Not sure if in IA or IL, she is living in IA at this time.
4. 1861 (Carroll mustered in from IL)
5. 1860 census Davis County, IA Sarah only. Hiram I can't find anywhere.
6. 1869 Sarah gave her address as Clarke County, IA
7. 1870 Sarah got her pension and moved to NE
8. 1880 Census she has her status as widow (how does she know unless someone told her)
I think he was in touch with some of the boys but didn't find anything on their obits. about him.
From then on we pretty much know what happened to the rest of the family. I have run across a couple of Hiram's in the Civil War from IA & IL but they were too young and and have found 2 one from NY (he was a mariner) and the other one was from either Kentucky or Ten. If sources are right and he went back to Kentucky maybe we could follow that particular line. I think Sarah stayed around IA for 10 years just to see if he would come back to his senses. Our time line I believe would be 1859-1869
I am looking for information about Nancy Foster. I have her born in 1815 in Tennessee and died in March 1880 in Irishtown, Clinton County, Illinois. I can't locate the cemetery she is buried in or her maiden name. After her Foster husband died (don 't know when and where--he doesn't show up in Civil War records), she married a WT Hankinson. They lived close to Grafton, IL.
Michael Foster died in the War of 1812. I have information that he was buried in the Ft. Williams Cemetary. I searched for his name on that website but couldn't find it. Do you know if his wife remarried? My line comes through their son, William





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