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My primary family in the area is the Sanders family: Blancet Sanders of Orangeburgh District, SC, and at least one of his brothers (Cullen, possibly also William) moved to Saint Tammany parish right after the War of 1812; they were members of the Mt Nebo Baptist Church in that parish. Sanders property was redistricted to Washington and later Tangipahoa parish. Family members have moved between these three primarily, but also occasionally Saint Helena, East Baton Rouge, and Jefferson (and occasionally Mississippi).

Other area families I descend from (all migrated from SC also) are McClendon/McLendon, Mixon, Oliphant, and Williams. The Hughes family (descendants of William Henry Hughes of SC) is heavily intertwined; I'm not a descendant of that line, although Blancet Sanders' first wife (from whom I descend) was a SC Hughes - I have never found who her parents or family were.

Here are some more Florida parish families that are in my tree by marriage: Amacker, Ard, Baham, Bahm, Barron, Bell, Bennett, Bowman, Carpenter, Crawford, Daniel, Dykes, Easley, Edwards, Gaines, Gayle, Goldsby, Hamilton, Hayden, Hendry, Hogan, Hoggatt, Holden, Holton, Husser, Johnston, King, Kuhn, Lambert, Lawrence, Morris, Narretto, Opdenweyer, Ridgedale/Ridgedell/Ridgel, Ritchie, Robards, Robertson, Settoon, Shoemake, Smith (yeah, like that's helpful :D), Spiller, Stafford, Story, Toney, Vernon, Vinyard, Wainwright, Whitehead, Zachary.

If anyone recognizes surnames from this list and would like to ask me about them, feel free. Please contribute your own list, so we can collaborate! Thanks.

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A bit of a time gap in here - but... 


Hoggatt:  I'm always looking for info. on Hoggatts - well, at least the father, grandfather, great-grandfather, etc., - family of James Hoggatt, who married Caroline Starnes - parents of .  Wilford  -  William Shelton  -  Washington  -  James  -  and John.  Hoggatts of the Florida Parishes and elsewhere. 


Do we have a connection anywhere in there?



My tree has James Francis Hoggatt marrying into it in 1897 - he married Minnie Mae Bennett, who was my second cousin once removed, through Calvin Henry and Mary Sanders Hughes. Doesn't sound like anything more than a very tangental connection, if any.

Hello, again.  Thanks for your reply.  Yes, James Frances Hoggatt would be my great-uncle.  


James Frances Hoggatt - b. 20 Apr 1878, d. 1958, Holden, Livingston Parish

md. Minnie Mae Bennett, b. Jul 1879, d. 1949, Hammond La - 10 children


He was the son of William Shelton Hoggatt - JFH was 6th of 8 children, and brother to my paternal grandmother, Fannie, who was the 8th.  

 George W.  Hoggatt, b. 1863-64, d.1940  
 Ella Hoggatt Lee - b. 1868
 Irene Hoggatt - b. 1870, d. 1870
 John Wilford Hoggatt - b. 1875, d. 1903
 William Shelton Hoggatt - b. 1836, d. 1882
 James Francis Hoggatt - b. 1878, d. 1958
 Eugene Thomas Hoggatt - b. 1880, d. 1944
 Fannie Hoggatt Blake - b. 1882, d. 1945


I can go back another generation or two if you're following his line at all.  I realize you're probably only collecting info on Minnie Mae and that direction.  Let me know if you'd like any more info. 





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