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Beasley-Etheridge-Henderson and Others Family Reunion, Conecuh Co., Ala

These family names are connected by marriage to the Jones in Alabama. There is an up coming family reunion. I have posted this as an Event on my Facebook acct:

I think there is suppose be a minus sign in front of the Longitude coordinates so please Google or double check the church location if you use GPS.

GPS location I found: Latitude: 31.3696126, Longitude: -87.081642

Below is a copy of the notice I received in my email:

It is the first of May, there's only 25 Days to make arrangements to attend the "Beasley-Etheridge-Henderson and Others Family Reunion" at the Hamden Ridge Methodist Church on May 26, 2012.  This may be the last chance you have to see your cousins, or more importantly this may be the last chance your cousins get to see YOU. Don't be the one that is MISSING from the picture when you still have the opportunity to attend. These events were important to your parents so please come and honor them and be remembered with your smiley face and perhaps grey hair instead of the freckle-face kid with braces back when your parents dragged you along.

Please bring your favorite cover dish. Below are some of the utility items already being brought:
Cups & Spoons, Casserole - Wilma
Paper Plates, Casserole  - Yvonne
Ham - Gloria

Please pass this along to other family members by e-mail, by telephone or word of mouth, we want as many there as possible.  THANKS!  Hope to see You on May 26.

Any Questions, please e-mail or call  251-344-0028
Malcolm N. Beasley

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