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Recent article in the Journal of the Genealogical One-Name Society about spreadsheets

Is this on the web anywhere or could someone tell me a bit more about it?



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The article is on the web at The article is accessible in the Guild members only WIKI. The Guild is an excellent resource for family historians and you can join as an ordinary member if you do not want to register a surname. The Guild also privides a very active e-mail forum with many experts providing useful information as well as many other benefits such as an excellent Journal. If you wish to contact me direct please leave a message on my web site and I would be happy to provide more information on the excel issue.

Thanks for the info. I've now joined the guild as I've been considering it for a while and this gave me the push to actually do it. Off to read and see what else I can find out.

I think I have a spare copy of the Journal in question which I can post to you if required. Please send me an email (email me via the Guild site - I am Coldwell member 2172) with your postal address.
Best wishes with Excel - it is a brillant program and well worth a bit of effort to learn how to use it.
Thanks John, I've now read the article on line.
I've used Excel extensively in my job so I'm interested in how it can be used to assist genealogical research and why it would be picked up rather than a genealogy software programme.
I'm looking forward to seeing what types of applications people use Excel for in this group




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