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Hi so glad to find another place to find information. This is great. I'm coming to Kentucky to do some research this weekend. I was planning on visiting Frankfort to get some death certificates but when I was looking at the Lexington Library it looks like they might have the same information. I was also wanting to look up some obits while there. Is there anyone that has visited both locations that could tell me which would be the best to visit. Mly time will be limited and trying to find the best location to vist. Any help will be appreciated.

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I've not been to either, but have been to the Townsend Library at Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond. It was amazing. I'd love to go to the other two sometime, but highly recommend the Townsend Library.
Hey Jackie. I know this is old, but was reading over some thing. What death certificates do you need?

Did you end up making this trip? What did you find?





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