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Hi again!

I have recently received more info regarding Bradley family. My George Charles Bradley's death certificate states he was aged 60 yrs and 3 mths at time of death in 1892. This would make him born 1832 and not 1834 as previously stated. George also spent 23 yrs in Victoria and Sth Australia, before he headed to QLD where he is buried. George obviously migrated to Australia with his parents when he was a 7 yr old boy. This also means his parents John Bradley and Elizabeth (nee Nash) are buried in Australia and not in England.(where I was previously searching)

I have a few people who are looking at resources for me - somewhere they will turn up I hope. I am still curious to find where they lived in England, even tho George claims to be born in Birmingham.

Lesley Ann Edwards

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Hi Lesley,

Great news on your find, well done! Of course this probably opens up a whole new set of questions as to what happened to John & Elizabeth Bradley for you!  I had a look and didn't turn up anything new through my searches.  Hopefully some others with better Australian resources can come through for you :-)  Cyndi's list may have some new resources?




Hi Julia, thanks for the reply - yes, will keep looking for the elusive Bradley family. I also had a friend contact some people with Evans family trees (as I am not a subsciber to ancestry) so hopefully something more will turn up there as well! I shall let you know if something more comes along - they cannot hide forever (I hope!)


hi Lesley,

Sorry I really must get on here more often didn't realise 3 years had slipped by I have a John Bradley b 1786 in Buildwas, Shropshire, England in my tree his father was John Bradley married Ann Addenbrooke 9 April 1785 Dawley-Magna, Shropshire, England sorry I have no further information on the Bradley family I hope this matches somewhere with your tree it would fill in another branch on my never ending Quest for the Total Addenbrooke Tree lol


me again lol

Also have a John Nash b 1632 Droitwich, Worcestershire, England d Jan 22 1724 he marred my 10th Grandfather Edwardum Addenbrooke's sister Elizabeth There daughter Elizabeth Married 27 Jan 1684 John Addenbrooke b 1657 Kingswinford, Staffordshire, England - d 1724 Upper Sapey, England John was her 1st Cousin once removed on her mothers side they had 7 children marriage appears to be a little close even for the 17th century






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