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Elliott Surname

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Elliott Links and General Information

1. English: from a Middle English personal name, Elyat, Elyt. This represents at least two Old English personal names which have fallen together: the male name A{dh}elgeat (composed of the elements a{dh}el ‘noble’ + Geat, a tribal name; see Jocelyn), and the female personal name A{dh}elg¯{dh} (composed of the elements a{dh}el ‘noble’ + g¯{dh} ‘battle’). The Middle English name seems also to have absorbed various other personal names of Old English or Continental Germanic origin, as for example Old English Ælfweald (see Ellwood).
2. English: from a pet form of Ellis.
3. Scottish: Anglicized form of the originally distinct Gaelic surname Elloch, Eloth, a topographic name from Gaelic eileach ‘dam’, ‘mound’, ‘bank’. Compare Eliot.
Dictionary of American Family Names, Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-508137-4

Discussion Forum

Indiana Elliotts

Started by Sharon MItchell Mar 13, 2017.

Elliott's of Devon, UK

Started by Vance Ormand Grey Feb 16, 2016.

sea faring Elliott of New York

Started by Nancy Becker Aug 17, 2012.


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