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Father of Maja (my great grandmother) 

Maja was born 6/8/1872 village of Hogen, Sundals Rye Parish.  Immigrated to Gazzam, PA 1893.  Siblings included:  Lotta, Carl August, Johan Albin and Augusta.  Would love to find family in Sweden to find out information about my grandfather's father.  My grandfather's name was August Theodore Neilson who was born in PA in 1897 to Maja and ?

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Hi! Is it the father of Maja you are looking for? His name is Johannes Svensson, born March 3, 1825, Sundals-Ryr and dead June 19, 1895. Married to Johanna Johansdotter in Apri 11, 1860.

Thank you.  I do have this document.  My great grandmother was Maja Kristina and I'm trying to find any living relatives that might know the father of my grandfather.  Maja came to this country when she was 21 and had my grandfather whom she named August Theodore Neilson.   No one in the family seems to know what happened to this Mr. Neilson.

Do you know anything more, about Maja? Were did she live and were did she die? Did she get more children?

She lived in Gazzam, PA,, Dubois, PA and ended up in Patton, PA.  She married Alfred Svedberg (Swedeburg, Sweedberg) in 1901 in Cambria County and had two children to him.  She is buried in Pataton, pA

I have not found August Theodores father but I found this:

Census 1910: Gust is living with his mother and Alfred Sweedburg.

Census 1920, it seems his mother is dead, but Alfred is living with the family:

Census 1930:

Census 1940:

 August Neilson dead 1976:

Thank you for all your help.  Mr. Sweedberg never adopted August (Gust) so that information is incorrect.  I found my great grandmother listed as Mary Nelson in 1900 census living in Dubois, PA and my grandfather listed as Gus Nelson.  It listed Mary as widowed.  She married Alfred Sweedberg in 1901 in Cambria County, PA.  I just can't figure out why she would immigrate to Gazzam, PA and then my grandfather was born supposedly in Glen Ritchey, PA and then she ends up in Patton, PA with Mr. Sweedberg.



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