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Hoping to find someone with information on Sarah Edmundson who married George Ormsby. I have documentation of them in Craven County, NC. I am trying to find parents for Sarah Edmundson. I do not know her exact birth date, but she died in 1813 in New Hanover county, NC. Below are the notes I have for Sarah and George Ormsby - perhaps someone has some further information!

Documented in Craven County, NC city of New Bern in 1758 when he is a witness on a deed of William Powell's property. According to North Carolina law at that time, a person had to be at least 21 to witness a legal document. This would place George as having been born by 1737 or earlier. Source: Genealogy Report prepared by William D. Bennett (researched at NC Archives in Raleigh, NC) of Raleigh, NC for Mrs. T.J. (Sherry Lynn Ormsby) Cruise dated March 1984. Sherry Lynn Ormsby Cruise lives in Houston, TX.

Anson County, NC Deed Abstracts, 1749-1766, Abstracts of Wills & Estates, 1749-1795: Vol. 6, pages 270-271: 17 Aug 1762: Arthur Dobbs to Arthur MacKay of New Hanvoer Co., NC for L5 proc. money....255 A adj. John Peny's corner... Arthur Dobbs (Seal), Witness: George Ormsby, Wm. Powell. (Index shows George Ormsby, pg 71 to see the above listing ( Since a person had to be 21 yrs of age to witness a deed, George was born by or before 1741)

Again documented to be in Craven Co., NC in 1766. George purchased 640 acres of land from Edward Brice Dobbs of Ireland (Craven County, NC court minutes, 1764-1771, Bk VI, pgs 545-547). Sarah was not listed on the purchase of the 640 acres but was on the deed selling the land. George and Sarah sold this land to Richard Graves of Craven County, NC in a deed dated 20 Nov 1770 (Craven County, NC Deed Book 18, pgs 211-213).

Documented: George Ormsby is listed in North Carolina Taxpayers 1701-1786. He is shown on pg 152 from Craven County, NC 1769, no township listed. He is listed as having two slaves.

Documented in "State Records for North Carolina", Vol XXII. Miscellaneous on pgs 421-422, 498-500.(New Hanover County Public Library, Wilmington, NC) Documentation is dated January 8th, 1771 for monies received for soldiers belonging to the prison guard who did duty. Also dated 22 April 1771 monies received for use of labor of George Ormsby's men, slaves and horses. There were four entries for reimbursements listed for George Ormsby.

Approximate death date derived from New Hanover County, NC Court Minutes Part 3 1786-1793 stating that " Robert Ormsby, orphan son of George Ormsby voluntarily chose Thomas Player as Guardian" during the January 1787 term. Also, based on birth of Sarah Edmundson Ormsby Williams child, Susan, by Nehemiah Williams born in Mar of 1777. Usually widows waited a year after death of husband before remarrying.

Marriage approximate date due to Sarah listed on deed selling land to Richard Graves on 20 Nov 1770. Probably married in Craven County, NC.

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Hello Nita,  I am not sure if I have the information you are looking for or not.  I have a Sarah Edmondson in my family line.

She was born in Craven County NC in 1722 and her parents were Joseph Edmondson who was married to Precillow (Priscilla) Graves. Joseph was born in Virginia in 1685 and died in Craven County in 1743.  Priscilla was born in NC and also died in Craven County.

While I do not have firm documentation as to a spouse, there are several "hints" that she married in Georgia to a William Alderman.  Not  sure if this information is any assistance to you or if it might be even the person you seek.  Regards, Mike





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