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My East Tennessee ancestors are of the surname Nave, from Carter County.

My great-grandfather was Teter Nave, who married Elizabeth Taylor in 1879. Teter Nave's father was John Teter Bowers Nave.

The name Nave comes from Naf. The original emigrant was from Switzerland.

Anyone out there connected to the Nave or Bowers family?

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I am researching the Valentine Bowers and Abigail Buck line. Their daughter Lavisa married Joseph Paxton at Carter County, Tn and then relocated to Missouri living in an around Worth and Gentry County Their son John Nave Paxton, was the great grandfather of my husband. Although Lavisa's lineage has been easy to trace Joseph's ancestors have been a brick wall for over 25 years.

I don't know if you have found anything since you have posted this. I have a copy of a photo with Valentine Bowers and Abigail Buck in it along with several other members of the Watauga Valley Baptist Church that was in the Hunter area of Elizabethton. Mary Lincoln Stover is also in that picture.


I still have not found where Joseph came from, but I'm still looking.   Do you have the picture of Valentine and Abigail scanned that you could send me.   I would be so very much appreciated. I have a family tree at Ancestry.   Do you belong to Ancestry?   I could send you an invite and it shows most of what I have.  Even though it is my  husbands side of the family I would love to go to Carter County someday.  Did you see the "Who do you think you are " with Tim McGraw. 
Yes, we did see the Tim Mcgraw episode. If they had followed one of his other lines, they would have came to Carter County. Yes, I am on Ancestry. (The Mann Family Tree) There, you will find a lot of the Nave/Bowers connections to Carter County. My e-mail address is I haven't looked for your Joseph, but I would think the Robert Nave would know or would have him in his book, TETER NAVE EAST TENNESSEE PIONEER, His Ancestors and Descendants (S2693) by Robert Nave and Margaret Hougland. We are still trying to identify all the persons in the photo and if it is going to be of a good enough quality, it may be used in an upcoming book for Carter County. Bear with me on that one and I'll see if we are going to share it just yet. There are a lot of photos on my ancestry site, that you are welcome to and we may have others of gravestones that are not posted yet. My ancestry site is public and that is how we have met many cousins. Yes, I would be interested in your tree also, thanks for the invite. Teresa Treadway
I was born and raised in Cater County, East Tennessee. My paternal grandparents and many aunts, uncles and cousins still live there.
My grandmother is Ruth Emaline Nave Elliott.
- daughter of George Nave and Mary Bowers
- grandaughter of William Stover Nave and Margaret Lewis (paternal)
- grandaughter to David Bowers and Martha Crowe (maternal)
- grreat grandaughter to Teter Nave and Jemima Stover (paternal)
- great grandaughter to Daniel S. Bowers and Emaline Johnson
- great, great grandaughter of Abraham Nave and Mary Williams (paternal)
- great, great grandaughter John Teter Bowers and Mary Lincoln Stover

There are two Teter Nave's in my family; one died in 1852 and was married to Jemima Stover and John Teter Bowers was married to Mary Lincoln Stover and died in 1872. I do not have records of him marrying an Elizabeth Taylor.

In my family, two surnames "Bowers" and "Nave" represent the maternal and paternal sides of the family.

Are you certain of your information regarding the name? If so, it is quite a unique coincidence but not related to my family. If you google the name Teter Nave, you will find some interesting Carter County History.
It wasn't John Teter Bowers Nave who married Elizabeth Taylor, it was his son Teter Nave. They married in Carter County 17 August 1879 (Carter County marriage licenses, Roll 61, Book: Feb. 1876-Dec. 1886, page 305, Tennessee State Library and Archive). This document is the marriage license, marriage bond, and marriage certificate for Teter Nave and Elizabeth Taylor. John Nave co-signed the bond with his son. The bond was conditioned on Elizabeth Taylor being a resident of Carter County OR on the marriage being performed in Carter County. If neither of these conditions were met, then Teter Nave was subject to forfeit $1250! That was a heap o' money in them days! (grin)

Later Teter Nave and his bride moved to Indiana. They had one daughter, Ruth, born 24 November 1892 in South Bend, Indiana. Ruth Married Benjamin Franklin "Frank" Reed, 25 November 1913. She was my grandmother.

I'm certain of my information. I hope that this has clarified that it was John T. B. Nave's SON I was talking about. So we relate.
This is my relationship to John Teter Nave.
John T Nave (1829 - 1888)
is your 1st cousin 5x removed
Mother of John T
Father of Jemima
Daughter of Daniel
Daughter of Daniel Stover
Son of MARY Lincoln
Son of Francis Marion 'Bud'
Daughter of Eston Wiley
You are the daughter of Janette Charlotte



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