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Anyone know what happened to this site for searching many genealogy sites at once? I used it a lot, but not recently, and when I just tried to go look for some new names I've discovered, I get "site not found." Has it moved with no forwarding address, or gone totally defunct? Is there something similar?
Thanks, J

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It's currently at . I don't know why is not working anymore.
Neat! Thanks for this good tip to you both. That's the reason I'm here: To learn.
Aha!! Thanks so much - I Googled and looked at IP info sites, message boards, found nothing. Was hoping someone here might find it.
A couple of alternatives are:
and this one
Ah, thanks for this -- familytreeseeker is new to me. Spent too much time looking for names there today! J
It seems the surname navigator changed its hosting provider. The link works again. If you have a bookmark to or you better update your bookmark.





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