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I just joined the Dutch Group.  I am looking for information on Bogart/Bogert families who lived in Brooklyn, NY, from the 1600s and then moved to Bergen County, NJ by the 1750s.  My 4th great-grandfather fought in the Revolutionary War in a  Bergen County militia.  I am looking for information going back in time with reliable and valid sources.  Thank you.

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Hi David.

You are right in my area, welcome!

For you, and all others looking in NJ, there is a great resource for Bergen County Dutch-Huguenot immigrants that you should look into — it helps me whenever I get stuck.

The Passaic County Historical Society (PCHS) Library has a collection called the Quackenbush Family Files. One person, over many years, documented more than 70,000 residents of old Bergen County (including Passaic, Essex, and Hudson Counties). It is my go-to resource for starting to track down people or confirming what I already have. The sheets are family sheets but they are sourced. It's a GREAT collection and I know there are a TON of Bogarts in there as our families cross over may times. 

I wrote an article about PCHS for the Genealogical Society of Bergen County newsletter this summer (see PDF, below). 

FYI, you may need some patience with them as I was just reading on the website that their boiler is down and the library is closed for a few days. 


Passaic County Historical Society /

Patrick Byrnes, Research Specialist (973) 247-0085 x204 / 

The PCHS also offers look-ups and research via phone or email for a fee (hourly research) or donation (simple lookup). Research Fees: 

Research Form:


You might also want to look into the Genealogical Society of Bergen County (GSBC), (Full disclosure, I am a board Member and Editor of their quarterly newsletter, The Archivist.) The Bogarts are well represented in back-issues of The Archivist and 1973-2007 are free on the site — more recent issues are accessible by Members only, $20 per year.

I'm sure GSBC has tons of Bogart information, too. Search the website or reach out to the Patron Assistance contact.  ;

Michelle Novak


Hi Meech:

Thanks for your very prompt and detailed reply.  First of all, my wife, Diane Barbour PLCGS, and I are both members of the

Genealogical Society of Bergen County.  (We live in Broomfield, Colorado, just north of Denver, but I grew up in Glen Rock and went to school in Ridgewood, so I know Bergen County well.)  We've also visited cemeteries and churches in Dumont, Hackensack, etc., which is where we discovered the gravestone of Cornelius Bogert, my Revolutionary War ancestor.

Let me digest all the information you gave below and I will get back to you.  I joined this group as part of an assignment for the Social Media course for the Institute, never expecting to get a reply from anyone!  Shows how wrong I was!!!!

Back in a day or so..   Thanks again..


Excellent. Thanks for being a member! Make sure to use up your complimentary queries and check out the PCHS collection when you can. I know there are at least two whole volumes on Bogarts! (Normally, I'd offer to check PCHS for you but I'm not planning on being there for a while.)

Let me know if you need any additional info on specific people.


Hi Meech:

This past Sunday I sent you a long Bogert e-mail to your GSBC archivist e-mail address that I found in the latest edition of the GSBC's publication The Archivist.  I don't know how often you read e-mails at that address, so here's an alert.


Hi David,

Just saw the email. Am busy wrapping up the next newsletter so I'll have a look after that is out. Hopefully, Sunday. 


Let me know if you can get into the Dropbox files I sent. I took photos so the files altogether are large. If you have problems, I can mail you a printout or CD of the files. 


Hi Meech:

I wrote out a reply to your latest e-mail but apparently it did not get sent out.  At least a copy is not here.  I did get into everything you posted on Dropbox and have written a detailed reply to your GSBC  e-mail address.  Please let me know if you find that reply.  Thanks.


Hello Cousin!  At least I think we are very distant cousins. I am a GGGGGgrand child of Cornelius Bogert from the Hackensack area. I have a lot of information on my site on Ours is a wonderful colonial family. Cornelius filed for damages after the war and it is very interesting to see all the items he lost. Sadly, also a slave.  Apparently he was a man of means. If you go to his page on my you will see a reference to the inventory as well as some other interesting things. My tree is open so feel free. I have visited his grave and posted several photos. Have fun!

Hi Joyce:

Can you give me the name of your family tree on  Much easier to search for it that way.  Thanks.


Hi ! The family group is Bogert on  Lots of photos etc. 



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