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Dutch Cousins of Kentucky


Dutch Cousins of Kentucky

Names of the Low Dutch Colony that arrived in Kentucky starting in 1780 include, Banta, Montfort, Demarest, Riker, Terhune, Westerfield, Cozine, Dorland, VanArsdale, Voorhees/Voris/etc, Smock, settling in Mercer, Henry and Shelby Counties.

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Comment by Barbara Whiteside on November 28, 2009 at 11:38am
I'll find some time to dig a bit further to figure out why the Duries took the overland route....think my Montforts did too...but not sure...only their last two children are born in Mercer County, KY and the one born before them was in York County, PA......the dad went back and forth from Mercer to Shelby/Henry Counties before taking his family to the Low Dutch in Shelby/Henry by 1790 where his father in law, Hendrick Banta 3rd had settled. The ones that went to Ft Pitt with Father Hendrick, went overland from York County to Ft Pitt..and can't have been easy with Indians and British all around them as well. Got to admit, they were sure a bit brave to do this moving at the time of the Rev War. The Montfort/Banta line belong to the husband of my Mary Cook..daughter of Seth and Frances Wilcoxson Cook.
Comment by Richard Baldwin Cook on November 28, 2009 at 10:09am
Thanks for the facts and the clarifications. Banta party down the Ohio - that makes the most sense. Hard to imagine anyone would go south from Berkeley County to then enter KY through the gap. No water route in that direction, just mountains and everything to be carried. I would suppose the Durie party could have come south, down the Shenandoah Valley . . . Still, a long walk.
Comment by Barbara Whiteside on November 27, 2009 at 10:27pm
No the history of the Low Dutch show that the Durie party traveled down the eastern side of the mountains to the gap...and the Banta party came down the Ohio from Ft Pitt.....not sure why they did this though the Duries were living in Berkeley after moving there from York County, PA..for a few years...but traveled back and forth to the Conewago Colony often. The books on the Banta family by both Theodore M. Banta published in the late 1890's first told the history and then a supplemental was written in 19////// my mind just slipped but it was published about 20 years ago by Elsa M. Banta added to it. More recently the book by Larry Voreis THE LOW DUTCH HERITAGE and research for the Halve Maen/Holland Society by VIncent Akers also wrote of the two different routes. I am thinking the plan was to settle in Mercer County, KY but Durie was to get there first by going through the gap....then the Ohio River group led by Hendrick Banta would join them afterwards.....they stopped in Jefferson County, KY, in what is now Eastern Jefferson County [ a historical marker is at the location] and planned to lay in a crop of corn to get them through the rest of the year and the following spring make their way to Mercer County. Indians kept the colony from making much headway in Mercer County....and the group from Jefferson County was not able to get their group down there so ended up with the Low Dutch Colony on the border of Shelby and Henry Counties....bought from Squire Boone. I do know Hendrick Banta 3rd and some of his sons made it to Boonesborough, and my Francis Montfort Sr made it between Mercer and Shelby Counties with no apparent problem...but the main problem in Mercer County, was not being able to get cabins enough for ALL of the Low Dutch because of Indian attacks. Now I say Francis, Hendrick and sons got back and forth to Boonesborough and Mercer County, but some didn't......killed by was not easy for them to make their way around KY at that time.
Comment by Richard Baldwin Cook on November 27, 2009 at 10:07pm
Barbara, you wrote "some of the Low Dutch who came into KY were around Berkeley . . .they followed Samuel and Wyntie Banta Durie/Duryea through the Cumberland Gap to KY" Berkeley Co WV is in the eastern panhandle. Are you sure the Banta Durie party came through the Gap? If they were living in the panhandle, they surely would have come down the Ohio River. I'm just saying . . .
Comment by Barbara Whiteside on November 27, 2009 at 9:11pm
Hi Stanley....yes, the Bice name was part of the Low Dutch that came to familiar with the name.
Comment by Barbara Whiteside on November 27, 2009 at 9:10pm
My suspicion is that that Bice might be a variation of Boyce or vice versa especially in KY and depending on what part of West some of the Low Dutch who came into KY were around Berkeley, I believe it was......they followed Samuel and Wyntie Banta Durie/Duryea through the Cumberland Gap to KY...Wyntie was a sister to Hendrick Banta 3rd who was the patriarch of the Low Dutch at Conewago, PA and led his group down the Ohio River from Ft Pitt to what is now Louisville, KY...the two groups had planned to meet in Mercer County, KY to form the Low Dutch colony of settlers in that location...of course, the Indians and British had other ideas.
Comment by Richard Baldwin Cook on November 27, 2009 at 7:26pm
Hi Stanley, Is Boyce a variation of Bice? I have neither in my line but curious, b/c I went to school with a Benny Boyce. This was in W Va 55 years ago.
Comment by Stanely Jerome Bice on November 27, 2009 at 6:52pm
Hi everyone. Just wanted to add the name "Buis" to the dutch group of Kentucky. Settled in Casey Co and surrounding areas.
Comment by Barbara Whiteside on November 13, 2009 at 8:27am
It sure is......then you get into my Demarest line and I end up a ninth cousin to my own Dutch/French Huguenots loved marrying back and makes for a very interesting family tree.

I'm sure your Dorlands meet up with the ones in KY at some point in the past....think you might enjoy the Dorland Enigma...if you have any problems finding it, let me know and I'll put you in touch with Judy Cassidy.

When you get into my Dutch/French Huguenot Monfoorts/Montforts...were on the first ship of settlers to Nieuw Amsterdam in 1624....only two family names documented out of the 30 odd or so emigrants. Then I get into Riker, Banta, Demarest, Terhune, Stryker, Bloedgoet, Brinckerhoff, Haff, Marston, direct lines...and just about every other family that settled in Nieuw Amsterdam by way of marriages of my ancestral siblings.

The Shakers were a bit of a shock...had tracked my Montforts to David W. and a Mary....found a book at the Filson in Louisville that gave me Mary's maiden name of COOK....and the librarian there said I needed to look in the original journals of the Shakers in their manuscript dept as they might be there.....she is also a Montfort, Banta, Demarest, Boone, Wilcoxson, Montfort relative I found out later. So now I dig a lot in the history of the Shakers and in particular those in KY.

I miss not being able to chat with Bill...he was always so generous with his material and helpful when I had questions....and a wicked sense of humor that I really loved. I will be checking into your book on his material...I am hinting rather strongly for an ebook....though I still prefer the old fashioned way of reading.....look forward to seeing how all his stuff prints out..know he would be pleased.

Glad to have you aboard this was a whim actually to see what might to get it broadcast a bit more to see others on here.

Comment by Richard Baldwin Cook on November 12, 2009 at 9:51am
Your Seth Cook (1760/70-1840/41) was the brother of Abraham Cook (1774-1854), who was my triple great grandfather. This is plowed ground for us, isn't it?

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