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Looking for soldier Dudley who died in Florida during Indian wars circa 1854

My grandfather was Theodore Dudley Little descendant of William Bradford; his family branch lived primarily in New Bedford, MA (see He was raised by his aunt Henrietta Bradford Gifford due to a family tragedy, thus we have virtually no information on the Little family (Padnarem Village, Dartmouth, MA) connection; grandfather refused to discuss anything regarding the Little side of the family in later years. So I would like to fill in any blanks I can regarding the Dudley Connection.   My mother spent many hours as a child with Aunt Etta who told her stories of her Bradford ancestor who married a Dudley.  This male Dudley was in the military possibly a Captain if my mother's memory was accurate; they traveled to Florida and were somehow involved in the Florida Indian wars.  The story of an "Indian incident" involving "Chief Billy Bowlegs" at a Florida fort was that Billy attempted to trade goods to Dudley for his wife (Bradford ancestor) so he could add her as another of his wives.  It ended well as Billy peacefully accepted the refusal leaving some of his offerings with my ancestor. My Aunt Etta passed these items to my mother when she was in her teens (beaded clothing, Indian jewelry, ect) but the name of the Bradford has been lost along with the Dudley connection also.  Captain Dudley contracted Yellow fever sometime thereafter and died while still in Florida; we believe my ancestor returned to her family in New Bedford, Mass and my grandfather was named in his memory as the story goes.   My mother has passed away, I live in Florida close to Bradenton, FL where my research says many of "Billy Bowlegs" escapades were played out.  I want to research Bradenton records and would like to have more information to help me track this Dudley. I am new to genealogy; anything anyone has to offer will be greatly appreciated.   Marie Costa 

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