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I'm looking for other people related to the line of Dudleys who were lords of Dudley Castle for several hundred years. I am descended from Edward, the fifth lord Dudley, and his mistress Elizabeth TOMLINSON. They were prolific breeders and therir descendants probably number in the millions today!

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Hi Satima, it will come as no surprise to you that I too am interested in this link (waves at cousin on other side of the world). I am still wading through the whole wealth of information this link throws up, it's a lot to say the least, but very interesting all the same. Some very interesting links spin off too, did you find the one to Percy Shelley?
Not sure I did notice Mr Shelley, Nick:-) Where does he fit in?
My New England Dudley lineage is New England Hilton related on back to Hilton Castle, England.

I was once reading a book, "How to Live in a Castle" and it described how the Lord had a peep-hole in his loft bedroom to look down and see who was eating his food, at his table (gotta watch what goes in as well as out).

It also said it was one of the first castles with indoor plumbing (way-alledged, pre-"Thomas Crapper" patent); a small bay-turret was built out over the wet moat below. The turret at the top, and on down lower levels, until the final "plop-drop on into water flowing below, had holes too. But lower-level castle caste folks did not want to sit over those, their holes; unless "Clear?" above.

This reminded me of the (alas, all too true) U.S. Navy enlisted men's saying, that "S_ _t from above, only flows downhill; it doesn't roll up": then in the stalls next to the WWII little peeping, big-nosed "Kilroy Was Here" drawing, they draw a sevveral-storied outhouse (English "necessity"?), with many doors as one goes up. This brought on de-ja vu in me; and somehow sounded like it might be my ancestor's Hilton Castle?





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