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I have reason to believe that the DuBois Family was originally from France and some changed their name to Woods when they became Americans. According to my reports my descendants the Buster (Bustard or Busterd) Family left France during the time of the Huguenots with the DuBois Family. Both families traveled together to county Donegal Ireland where they resided for a while. In the 1720's both families traveled to America and took up residence in Lancaster County, Pa. and later moved to Arbemarle County, Va.

Both came with money and indentured servants. The families intermarried. Some of the Bustard family kept the family name and some shortened it to Buster. Many were recorded to have served in the Revolutionary War. Some members of the Dubois Family also kept the name and some changed the family name to Woods. This is recorded in a History of the Buster Family and in many records of Arbermarle County, Virginia.

Both familes were very intertwined and both were signers of the call to the Rev. Samuel Black, an early day Presbyterian Minster. There are at least three known marriages between the two families. Many descendants of the Buster family carried "Woods" as a middle name.

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