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I am brand new at this type of research. I'm afraid I'm not very good at it thus far. My dad is wanting to find out where his family came from. I am so stuck!! I am at 1832 Georgia with a Benjamin E Davis. I know absolutely nothing about his parents or siblings. I have found him only once in the census 1870 Choctaw Mississippi, married to a Jane J (do not have a clue on a maiden name). They had sons named Levi C, which I have found. John T which I have not found. Francis M. F. which I have not found. Ora B which I have found. Annual L which I have found. Jane J and all the boys were born in Mississippi. The three boys I have found went to Cleburne/Van Buren Arkansas. I know Benjamin and Jane went to Arkansas too because they had another child Elisa in 1880 in Arkansas listed in Ora B household in 1900. I can not find Elisa either other than this one time. I also know that Benjamin had to pass away in Cleburne/Van Buren Arkansas because I found the family written about in a book and it says that Annual, which was born around 1870 had to be raised by an uncle John Bradford after his father died. I haven't found that connection either. Since they had a child in 1880 I figure he died within a couple of years of 1879. I would be so thankful for any advice or information so that I might trace this Davis line further than Benjamin E for my dad. I did purchase the DNA test for my dad and results should be here in a few weeks. I'm hoping that will help, but I'm not counting on it since it will be his maternal and paternal lines. He is more interested in the Davis line. Thank you so much for your time reading this, and for any advice or information. It is MUCHLY appreciated. Cindy

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I think there may be a Benjamin Davis in my tree I haven't gotten to yet. I've only gone back to John for sure in North Carolina, but think his father is either William or Benjamn. The trail goes pretty cold once I leave Indiana. My Davis family were quakers from North Carolina, and I'm not very good at this either. Just been stumbling arouind for years.





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