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Hi everybody. And thank you for starting this group, Stephen!

I am currently researching only two names, Zeisel and Kacl. My grandmother Marie Karoline and her parents, Adolph and Marie Kaclová Zeisel arrived in Baltimore from Prague in 1903. They lived in Baltimore City, BelAir, Maryland and Brooklyn, Maryland.

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New here so trying to find my way around. This section seems like it might be a better place to post the names of ancestors that we are researching. Don't want to be repetitive since I already added mine to the wall so I apologize for doing this twice.

The main lines I am interested in immigrated from Bohemia in the mid-1860's. Hrncir (which became Toepfer in Milwaukee, WI - both names mean "Potter"), Benes/Benesch, Maertz/Marz/Merz, Straka, Tobroz, Hajek

Areas: Domazlice, Pilsen, Kout, Kolovec, Hlinsko, Kruezberg, Neudek

My family lived in Milwaukee, WI although other membesr of the extended family moved to Kewuanee County, and Manitowoc County, WI.
I am researching Gajdos and Ivanco, both names from Benedekovic, (probably not spelled accurately) in present day Slovakia. They immigrated to Cleveland, he, Janos Ivanco in 1908 or so, and she (Maria Gajdos) in 1912. He died in 1915, and she moved to Chicago, perhaps to join her brother(s).
I am researching Czech families in Colfax and Butler Counties in Nebraska. The surnames are Zima, Shorney (Shorni), Valish (Valesh/Vales), Vondrasek, and Macholan. Anybody researching Nebraska Czech families? Ruby Coleman





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