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I am looking for information on a young girl I believe might be my g grandmother. In 1870 the Ebenezer Ross Fenimore family, who adopted Jennie Cross, was living in Andrew County, Missouri. Also in Andrew County (in a boarding house) was a "domestic" by the name of Pheba Cross (32, Indiana). Pheba had two children, Jennie (4) and Willie (6), both born in Missouri. I believe this to be the Jennie who was adopted (between 1870 - 1875) by the Fenimores, who later married my g grandfather (Adolpha Ely Niles) in 1890.


There is no spouse listed for Pheba, and I am unable to locate Pheba in the 1860 or 1850 census. Any information on Jennie, Pheba or Willie would be greatly appreciated. I have several documents supporting the above theories.

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