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I have a list of Crosses with names, birthdates, birthplaces,and dates of death and places of death.
Peter Cross--b. April 27, 1781 Ashfield, MA d. May 17, 1867
Ora Ingrahm-- b. Dec. 4, 1787 Blanford, MA d. April 22, 1853; She and Peter were married Feb. 9, 1805 at Granville, NY
Calvin M. Cross--b. March 2,1806 Castleton, Vermont; d. March 1, 1854 Columbia
Laurie Cross--b. May 22, 1807 Willsbourgh, NY
Luther M. Cross--b. Jan. 24, 1809 " "
James C. Cross--b. Feb. 10, 1811 " " d. July 1, 1879 Kempville, CA
Mary A. Cross--b. Sept. 28, 1812 Poultruy, Vermont
Lydia M. Cross--b. Oct. 25, 1814 " " d. Dec. 6, 1880 Herknur,
Abagail W. Cross--b. Dec. 15, 1816 " "

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Hi there Ms. Haywood,
Your posting of a considerable data for Peter and Ora (Ingraham) Cross and their children is very interesting. The ancestry of this Peter Cross (5th Generation) is as follows: Peter (5), Aaron (4) and Mary Marsh, Ensign Peter (3) and his 2nd wf., Mary Fuller, Stephen (2) and Mary (Fuller), Peter (1) and Mary Wade of Norwich, Windham and Mansfield Conn.
Are you descended from this Cross family? I have considerable data re: Peter (1) Cross and his descendants and will share.
Can you/will you send me source citations for the birth/death and site locations referenced in your posting?

Thank you very much for your detailed post . . . look forward to hearing from you.

John Granger - ""
Hi, John, My Great grandmother was Ora Linda Cross, daughter of John N. Cross and Anna Vandalia Lakin. The information is in her handwriting and the page is titled; A Family Record. If I had an email address I would scan in the list and send it to you. My cousin and I are planning a family reunion for the Blair family descendants and you would be indirectly linked because my g grandmother married Samuel W. Foulston and their daughter, Grace married Marion Worthington Blair. If I can be of further assistance let me know. I just noticed your email address; I will get my husband to help me send that info to you. Your friend(I hope), Maggie Haywood

Good evening - I am researching our family tree using (see Morris/Baker Tree).  We have letters from Grace Foulston Blair to my great grandmother, Mary Caroline Lakin.     I would be happy to share anything we know about John N. Cross, Dr. Samuel William Foulston, Ora Linda Cross, Grace Foulston, et al, and hope that you may be able to help us find out more about them as well.

Best regards,
Chuck Martie

I have a handwritten letter from Grace Foulston Blair and would be happy to share it with you.  And I would be very interested in the Family Record document you mentioned.

Best regards,

Chuck Martiie

I was just looking at the sheet of paper again and John is the youngest of 15 children that Peter Cross and Ora Ingraham had. the first was born in 1806 and the last (my ggrandfather) was born 7/28/1834.
Your friend, Maggie
John, I'm sorry I didn't get back to this sooner------I'm sure you must have given up hearing from me by this time and for that I ask your forgiveness----my cousin and I have been very busy with the Blair genealogy research we're doing because as you can guess we have some info and nothing to substaniate it--so we keep digging.
Your friend, Maggie





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