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Kenneth Cross was born February 12, 1941 in Forsyth, Rosebud, Montana, USA and passed in November 13, 1978 in Gillette, Campbell, Wyoming, USA. Kenneth did marry, but I am showing the wife is still living. They had three children.

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Kenneth M. Cross is my brother, son of Malvin Cross, born Nebraska, died in MT. Ken's widow is still living and they had 3 sons, the oldest Randy R. Cross, 18 1/2 year veteran of the US AirForce died on December 21, 2004. Both Ken and Randy had aortic aneurisms as did 5 more of my family. Steven D. Cross b. Feb. 4, 1945, Forsyth, MT, died of an aortic aneurism on November 25, 2008 in Billings, Yellowstone, MT. David F. Cross b. Feb 21 1944 in Forsyth, MT, died near Buffalo, WY on September 16, 2008 of cancer. We were a family of 12. How do you come to know Ken?? My grandfather, Wesley W. Cross was born in NY, raised in Knox Co. NE, and died in Miles City, Custer, MT. Ken has 2 sons still living.
Hi Laura,

Kenneth is not a direct relative of mine, he is through the Hermann line of mine. But it is still nice to see someone else connected to my tree. I do not have much information on the Cross line, I have more of the Herman line. If you need anything from the Hermann line maybe I can help.
Hi Deborah,

Do you know the cause of death of Ken's father-in-law? 3 out of 4 with aneurisms is not good odds. Wonder if it came from both sides? We have had 7 family members with them, 3 deceased, 2 having had surgery and are doing well and the other 2 being watched. Another member had a disection.
Did you by any chance put an ad in the Gillette paper looking for memories on Ken? This was some time ago and we heard it long after the fact and the party was no longer on the same phone given to the paper.
I do have Ken's in-laws family but that is all.
If you want any Cross info, let me know. Ken does have a granddaughter as well as two sons living.

Thank you in being so prompt in answering.
Hi Laura,

No I don't have the cause of Ken's father-in-law (Ervin Robert Herman) death. I didn't put that ad in the paper. I can give you information for Linda's Great Grandfather on down (Christian Hermann). On my Cross line all I have is Kenneth Cross married to Linda and their children.

Here is my email address, send me your email address and I will send you a PDF of that line that I have.


I believe I knew the same Randy R Cross you are writing about and are saddened to hear of his passing.  I was stationed and worked with Randy in Grand Forks, ND until 1998 and he has since been a role model to me.  I am interested in connecting with his wife Laura.  If you would, please pass my contact information to her.  Thank you. Steve Hattabaugh

I have lost touch with Baird Cross who lived in your locality. I have found that we have common ancesters and would love to get in touch with him. Leonard Cross born 1811 and his Solomon were brothers. If you happen to have any info on him I would love to hear from him.
Jan Cross
Hi Jan,

I have considerable genealogial data regarding Solomon and Leonard Cross . . . their ancestry and descendants. I would like to exchange info regarding this Cross family. Please e-mail me at "".

Sincerely . . . John Granger
Hello John,
I had expected some notification through email that there was information here. Wrong again! I am very interested in the information you have. I needed to talk to Baird because I found a first marriage for Leonard which made more connection. My husband is out of his second marriage. Although it gets a little fuzzy at the end. I have a lot of information on Genform where Baird and I exchanged information.

Sorry about the misunderstanding, but this could put the spark back into my research.

Jan Cross
John: Leonard cross has been mention as a possible father of William Crosse my ancestor. William Crosse is the father of John Cross of Charles City County,Virginia.I have not found this to true of Leonard as of this date. Can you give me any data that shows this connection. My William Crosse is from Henrico County,Virgina.

Thank You
Clyde D. Cross Jr.
Janice . . .
It has been more than a week and no reply to my post regarding your query re: "Baird Cross". Sooooooo, I will send you another msg. and clear the air . . . so to speak.
Baird Cross of Helena, MT "walked on to that special place over the horizon" in April 2006 without ever finding the genealogically acceptable proof that her (yes, her) Vermont ancestor (Solomon A. Cross) and your husband's Vermont ancestor (Leonard D. Cross) were brothers.
However, I have solved the puzzle; including the parentage and ancestral lineage for Solomon and Leonard. But, I ain't gonna take the time to type up all the details (including source citations) unless someone is interested enough to reply to my initial posting.

Most sincerely . . . John Granger





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