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I think that it could be the same person but perhaps someone misspelled the middle name. I have found both in rootsweb world connect.

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Well my grandfather went by Tom but his real name was William Thomas Jones, which I found out later while naming my oldest son. When I started doing genealogy I also found that my grandmother's name wasn't Eva or my Uncle Frank wasn't rather it is Artie Frank but both went by Eva and Frank.
I am sure that James middle name was spelled Erwin, because he is buried in the Pomeroyton Cemetery in Menifee county,
He is my Great Grandfather, I always decorate his and Nancy's grave every year on Memorial Day, All my family are buried in this cemetery.
Pauline Nickell
Glad you are here Pauline. (Mother , Billie Staggs, "geneio", has Macular Degeneration and is no longer on the computer. Really upsets her now that she finally has time to devote long hours to her favorite hobby!)

I have alwayd heard, down through the letters my great-grandmother wrote to momma in answer to her family questions, that his name was James Irvin. He went by Irvin many times. I realize how very confusing it all is. There are documents showing Ervin & Irvin.

This is exactly why I started the Collinsworth DNA Project but we have yet to find at least 2 Collinsworth / Collingsworth males who are in a position to buy the kits and who are willing to be tested.

If anyone knows of a Collinsworth male who can buy the kits please see if they'll be tested. If you aren't a male or if you have the financial means, please donate money to the project (go to the website) so we can get someone tested. This is a great group and yes..I am biased. LOL!
Well I was too but when I started finding documents on him they said Irwin sometime so on my family tree I put both.
Myself as well Mary. And did you know that Lou Allie Kilgore (niece of Nancy Kilgore Collinsworth), b July 14, 1870, KY; d. Feb 20, 1936, Belton, Bell Co., TX married Samuel Lewis Sexton/Saxon son of Rev SS Saxon & Maranza Anna Adams.

Lou Allie's parents were Rev. John Henry Kilgore and Arzela Angelina Lykins
I haven't even really started the Kilgore's yet. Since I have the book I have concentration more on other lines. Right now I am trying to get the Dandridges and Lee's straightened out. I have found it interesting that in several lines we are related to some one through the first and second wife. This is happening in the Washington and Macon sides.
If James went by Irving a lot that perhaps both spelling would be correct with a little note in the note section of the family tree thus making the information reflect better who he was.
Still trying to work out if Matilda Kilgore was the mother of James Erwin (who married Nancy Kilgore). I have just found out the follwing about her 3rd husband - Daniel Adams born 07-16-1799 died 01-09-1885
s/o Stephen & Martha Webb Adams
h/o 1) Jane Stone 2) Matilda Collinsworth, m. 2nd 03-21-1857
This is from the inscription on his grave (he is buried at Chestnut Grove Cemetery Middle Creek, Prestonsburg).
Just wish I could find one of his descendents then I could clear the relationship up.
According to my book " Charles Kilgore of Kings Mt." the Matilda you are talking about is not the mother of James. Her name was Malinda Matilda. The Matilda you are talking about was first married to Aaron Roberts in April 30,1842
I have just been looking at a copy of the 1890 Veterans Schedules Record for Menifee County Kentucky - his name appears as James I Collingworth. I compared the writing to other names on the schedule and it definitely not an E.

However on the pension application is name is given as James E Collinsworth and his widow is Nancy,

In the 1850 census he is shown as Erwin
Lee County Virginia the listing is as follows -
Jas Collinsworth aged 45 born Virginia (there is no wife mentioned for James)
Margaret Collinsworth aged 23 born Virginia
Ervin Collinsworth aged aged 16 born Virginia
Ignacious Collinsworth aged 15 born Virginia
Edmond Collinsworth aged 4 born Virginia
Elijah Collinsworth aged 2 born Virginia

It is a definite E on the record.
I have added the following files - 1850 census record. I will add the other records later.
Attached are copies of the Civil War pension application for James Collinsworth (and his widow Nancy) also the 1890 Veterans census schedule for Menifee County Kentucky - his name is recorded as James E Collingworth



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