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I think that it could be the same person but perhaps someone misspelled the middle name. I have found both in rootsweb world connect.

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Mary, Is it possible that the James J. is really James I.?
According to the 1880 Federal Census James's middle name is spelled with an E. As far as James J. being really James I isn't possible because James I or E is older than James J. and the parents are different . James J's parents are Thomas and Hannah Williams. There is also the tradition is the family that at least one member is named after someone in the previous generation e.g. my Uncle Robert E. named his son Robert D. and Robert D. named his son Robert L. and Robert L. named his first son Robert.. My oldest son is named after his great grandfather William Thomas and my dad Jessie Davis thus William Jessie. My dad is named after his Uncle Jessie Davis.
When I first started to do Genealogy I got confused when it came to James J. too. Someone that might be of help is Nancy Berry. Her mother was my grandfathers sister and she might know since James E. is her great grandfather.
If you look at this in the printed form, this marriage in on page 9



March 11, 1852 James Irvin Collinsworth Nancy Kilgore Wallis Bailey
I would theorize that the spelling could be different depending on who gave the infomation. Often times when someone is asked what their middle name is the one asking doesn't ask how it is spelled this it is assumed that the name is spelled a certain way e.g. the spelling of Collinsworth. I have had many a time when a g is put in the name depending on how I say it even though at one time there was a g is the name so I would think that either one would be exceptable.
James J. and James I are two different people but what if there are two Malinda Matilda's. The Kilgore's do like the names. John Kilgore and Nancy Addington had two daughters with the names of Malinda and Matilda.
I have had contact with the descendants of Malinda Kilgore and she was definitely not married to James Collinsworth. Malinda was an older sister to Nancy Kilgore who married James Irvin (or Erwin) on March 11 1852. She was married to Jeremiah McCarty in April 1842 in Scot County Virginia.

I do not think that Matilda was the mother of James older children (as she went on to marry Daniel Adams and had more children, which if she was James Irvin's mother she would have much more unlikely). Also on her marriage details to Daniel Adams it says it was her third marriage.
I think that she was James's second wife and that she was the daughter of John Kilgore and Nancy Addington and was also the sister of Nancy Kilgore.

I have been trying to find descendents of her marriage to Daniel Adams to find out more information about her.
Hi Joan I would like to make one correction. John Kilgore was married to Cynthia Addington. Thank you for clearing this subject up about James and Nancy. How did you ever find the descendants of Malinda?
with a little searching in various messageboards I found a message about Malinda and Jeremiah and just sent an email to the poster.

Sorry about the mistake with Cynthia's name -I was too busy trying to get all the other facts down.

I have been trying to track down the descendents of Matilda Kilgore and Daniel Adams for several months but have not been very successful. I have a copy of the death record for James Collinsworth and Matilda's marriage to Daniel Adams.
If Matilda was not James Irvin (or Erwin) mother then it remains a mystery who she was. I have not had much success tracing James's siblings, but will carry on trying.
I have snipped out the section I didn't need so to show the the headings.

Sherry I do have a death certificate for James signed by my Uncle Grant who was his grandson and it has the name Irving but not James but also it has the last name Kilgore spelled Killgore. I still question that document.
He went by Irvin alot. That is another reason why I believe, James Ervin and James Irvin are 2 different people. There were lots of Nancy Kilgores.

Here is what I have on the Kilgores:

i. CHARLES CROMWELL KILGORE, b. November 16, 1821.
ii. MATILDA KILGORE, b. Abt. 1823; d. lived in Floyd Co. KY.; m. (1) DANIEL ADAMS; m. (2) AARON ROBERTS, April 30, 1842.
iii. MALINDA KILGORE, b. 1824; d. January 16, 1919, Salyersville Kentucky Family Cem.; m. JERIMIAH MCCARTY, April 10, 1842.
iv. LOUANNA (ANNIE) KILGORE, b. 1828, Scott Co. Va.; d. Lived and died in Magoffin co. Ky.; m. THOMAS WHITLEY, August 17, 1848, Morgan co. Ky..
v. NANCY KILGORE, b. 1833; d. Lived in Menifee co. Ky; m. JAMES IRVIN COLLINSWORTH, 1852.
vi. MINERVA KILGORE, b. 1834, Lived and died on Middle creek in Floyd Co. Ky.; m. GEORGE HACKWORTH, 1853.
vii. REBECCA KILGORE, b. 1838; d. Lived a while in Ky. then moved to Texas; m. ISSAC C. WARDEN, March 10, 1858.
viii. REV) JOHN KILGORE, b. 1844; d. 1920.

Children of JOHN KILGORE and (2nd wife) ISABELLA ROBERTS are::
x. BURDINE KILGORE, b. Greenup co.; m. MARY HALL.
xi. CYNTHIA ANN KILGORE, d. single 1935.
xii. SARAH MARINDA KILGORE, b. Lived In Dotson Ky.; m. JAMES POE.
xiii. ESTHER KILGORE, b. Lived in Magoffin and Floyd co. Ky.; d. lived in Magoffin, and Floyd co. Ky; m. MARTIN BARNETT.
xiv. ROWENA KILGORE, b. Lived in Greenup Co..



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