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I had heard for many years, off and on from both my grandmothers that we had cherokee ancestry, I had no idea how to find if this was true or not, but I was very interested to learn all I could.

One Sunday I decided to visit my mother down in Austell Georgia, she could not tell me alot, but she also said she had been told many times about our Cherokee connection.  On my way back home to Andrews, NC, I decided to make a stop at a small convenience store in Cartersville, Ga. and see if I could buy a Sunday paper there to take back home and read.  I had never stopped at this store before and dont know why I decided to stop at this special one for I never bought one of those newspapers before.  When i got home I read the paper and found an ad in it where a lady would make copies of applications to the Miller rolls of the Cherokee indians when she would visit the National Archives there.  I ordered  and got copies of my grandmothers application on my mothers side of the family, and on my dads side of the family, I got a copy of one of my gr. grandmothers applications.  They were listed as rejected applicants because of lack of enough proof of indian blood, but I found so much genealogical information on them that I did not know before.  I still dont know what made me stop and buy a newspaper that day


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