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The website has a genealogy area where you can send them an email. I sent an email asking about a burial spot because I was going to drive there in the future to take a picture for someone on They never replied to the email.

The first time I drove there was a Sunday and the office was closed, so I was not able to find what I needed. But the cemetery is very old, so I stayed and took some photo's.

Second trip down, office was open. The lady in the office was extremely helpful. Turned out the grave I was looking for had been moved to Wisconsin in the late 80's. I did tell her that I had email about this and no one replied. She said that they only do that about 2 days a week and the ladies are normally on top of it. She took my info and said she would look into it. I have not heard from her.

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How long has it been since you gave her the info? Have you called her back?

Do you want to submit this review to the website? I an take what you have posted here and post it there in a shorter version.

My last visit here was about two weeks ago. They have not contacted me. But I do not remember if I gave my telephone #. I did give me email though.

Feel free to post info to the website.
Hi Terri

Is this the Graceland Cem you visited?

Their contact page states the office is open Mon - Sat., 8:30am till 4:30pm.

Thank you for your review and I have finally created the page for Illinois.




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