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I am researching the FEILD name. We know that either a cousin of per haps a brother to the branches that are in the US settled in Canada but have ad trouble connecting them to the branches here. WE know that Bishop Edward Feild was a man of some importance. We had 2 family members arrive by boat in 1621 and 1624 from England. Bishop Theophilus Feild is buried in Cripplegate Church, London England.

Any help or leads you can give me would be gratefully accepted. I haven't figured out Canadian research yet and just get confused and stuck.

Do you have any first names of the Canadian Field family? Any idea which province they would have emigrated to?
Ellen, My Field Feild connections are in Newfoundland. You can find out a lot on Newfoundland Roots
Pat, in Michigan
I am trying to trace my friends lineage, I found her fathers birth record in Sault St Marie in 1945 in the French Catholic Records for Ontario. It lists his parent as Joseph Armand Roy and Blanche Cote. I can find no marriage record for them, and the only Joseph Armand Roy I can find married Frances Daley, however they stopped having children in 1942. I have found 2 Blanche Cote's one in Edmonton and one in Ottawa. I am tending to believe that Joseph Armand married Frances Daley, and maybe she passed between 1942 and 1945 at which time he remarried the Blanche Cote from Edmonton.

Are there marriage records for Alberta, French Catholic or otherwise? Anyone else have a clue on where to look next.

I have looked at the parish records for the 3 parishes that any of them were attached to and came up blank.
I would really appreciate some help reading and translating a marriage index entry for Thomas Roy and Mary Anne Bisson. Found the entry online, but my high school French is failing me...

It is on the right side of the page. Thank you!

Lynnette, I am not a french linguist, but I have been researching my French-Canadian family using the Drouin records and am able to translate most of the records I have encountered. I am very fortunate to also be a member of the Vermont French Canadian Genealogical Society where we have a few people who can do translations. While this is not exact, it should be helpful. By the way you just have the first part of the marriage record displayed in your inquiry. I have retrieved and attached the second part for you and have also included the translation below.


First Part--On January 13, 1801 after the publication of 3 banns of marriage were made during our masses for 3 consecutive Sundays between Thomas Roy, farmer and adult son of Thomas Roy and Angelique Bolduc, his father and mother of the parish of St. Francois Assisi of New Beauce, and Marie-Anne Bisson, adult daughter of Jean Francois Bisson and Marie Josephe Belo, her father and mother of this parish. The same publication of banns having been made in the parish of St. Francois it appears that the certificate of the curate of St. Francois has not discovered any impediments for the marriage approved by the parents and the undersigned curate of Ste. Marie in New Beauce and have received the nuptial blessing
Second Part--according to the preferred form by our mother the holy church, in the presence of Thomas Roy, father of the husband, Jean Roy, brother of the husband, Baptiste Bolduc, brother-in-law of the husband, Jean Plante, friend of the husband, Jean Francois Bisson, father of the wife, Jean and Barbe Bisson, brothers of the wife and Clement Bisson, uncle of the wife and several other relatives and friends who all declared they will/can not sign. Read to witnesses. Signed by Villade, priest.

Regards, Barb Mercure
Barb -- thank you! What a lot of info!! I can confirm names of parents and siblings with this record. Thank you again for your wonderful assistance.

You're welcome
Hi My names Jeff Cooper I have been given copies of three letter from a very old relative who emigrated from Buckland Brewer Devon UK to Montreal in approx 1830 his name was John? Bridgeman he married a lady from lyonkley Barton in America in 1834 the 3 letters dated 1874 1876 and 1886 all had the same address as 947 St Catherine Street Montreal if you would like a copy of the letters i will need a e mail address my e mail is it will be great to get to now about the Bridgeman family or even the address in st Catherine street thanks Jeff

I am researching marriages that involved Trevillian/Trevelyan family members in the Ontario are of Canada around 1840-1880


Any help would be appreciated


I've got a line on LaPointe ancestors in Canada, but they seem to have anglicized even their first names before they dropped their surname dit LaPointe in favor of LaPointe. Any ideas on pushing the line farther back? Farthest was John LaPointe b. 1783-4, Williamsburg, Dundas County, Quebec. I'd particularly like to know the original surname.

I am lookinf for Dollery family in Ontario.  Starting about 1820 they were there for over 100 years.

J. Norris



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